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“Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you are right”- Henry Ford

What you think, you are. It is as a man thinks, that’s how he is. We have not really harnessed the power of our thoughts in our life, that’s why we have not gone beyond this point in our lives. It is as a result of creative thinkers before now, that we are where we are now, and it is as a result of creative thinkers now, that we have gone beyond where we were. If you think you can achieve anything, you can, and if you think you can’t achieve anything, you can’t. The one important factor that determines our productivity and successfulness is our thoughts. Whatever you do not think of, will never happen in your life. There is a law in psychology which says that, if you have a mental picture of what you want to be, and keep that picture there long enough, you will soon become as you have thought. Life will not give you what you have not thought of in expectation. This is more reason why we need to be cautious of what we allow our minds to think of. Do not think failure, because you will fail!!!

Our thoughts should be optimistic, joyful, faith-filled, peaceful, love-filled, and good. If we harbour thoughts of hatred, failure, fear, or contempt in our mind, they can prove fatal, and can even kill!!! People commit suicide because of the kind of negative thoughts they have allowed to dwell in their minds.

Think on things that make you happy, things that show you the way out of a challenge, things that boost your faith, and things that can help your neighbours (society).



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Nothing meaningful is achieved by a product without proper identification of that product with its purpose, as given by its manufacturer. The discovery of one’s purpose is what is called VISION. It is called a vision because it shows you your destiny-ation in life, what you ought to be doing, and how you are meant to do it. One is only enabled to have this vision if he/she is properly connected to his manufacturer-God. This is because, no one knows the purpose of a thing, save the manufacturer, and when he shows it to you, it is called a VISION. God created us all, and only Him can ascertain our purpose, and how we ought to live our lives.

A friend described vision using this acronym:

V-Vitality: It renews your strength to fulfil your purpose.

I-Inspiration- It spurs you to fulfil your purpose.

S-Saves time: It gives you the ability to do what you need to do, and not wasting time on irrelevant things.

I-Innovation: It makes you creative, because to fulfil purpose, you need to create ways to do so.

O-Overcome Obstacles: With your vision always in mind, one becomes unstoppable.

N-Newness: Your vision is new- it is unique. No one is like you in all of the world!!!

The greatest search, I believe, is the search for purpose. And it can only be discovered in God!!! One love.


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Sometimes we have so much to do, so many places to be, with so little time to do all or get to those places. We think if some more hours can be added to a day, we may be able to increase our productivity. Today, we will see how we can effectively manage our time and our lives.

The keys to effective time management is planning and focus. The truth is, even if we are given thirty (30) hours as the number of hours in a day, it will NEVER be enough for us. In this case, we all need a scale of importance. We may never be able to get all the items in our to-do list done in one day, so, we need to push the most important ones upward in our scale, and the less important ones downward. Some of the items may even need to be pushed to the next day. You alone know what you can push till tomorrow that will not be late. But this principle should be applied only when you have been choked up with activities, otherwise, it can lead to procastination. It is always better to get everything you need to do, done, and be at every place you need to be quickly, but when they are packed up, just push the ones that can be done later, to a later date or time.

Plan your whole day the previous night, think about the whole plan, and sleep with the thought in your mind. You wake up the next morning with the whole plan imbibeb in your system. Your whole body and mind is triggered to act in that direction, and your focus level is increased. Even when you have so little to do, plan them, and follow the plan!! When its time to leave a place or stop an action, leave there or stop the action. Use free hours or minutes for either continuation from where you stopped, self development, relaxation, or recreation.

Finally, in your planning, you have to make sure that all the things you do, and all the places you go to, are aimed at self discovery and development, helping or interacting effectively with others, achieving personal goals and objectives, and recreation or relaxation. Make the world a better place, be on time!!! One love. NEVER EVER forget your relationship and fellowship with God-it should be constant.


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Sometimes, some specific set of people look like the ideal humans, the people who we are to strive to be like in life, “the inborn leaders” according to Greek philosophy, the ones who are meant to be at the spotlight, the ones who should always lead!! The thing is, many people tend to agree with this because they have been made to believe so. They believe they cannot get past certain limitations (created by men like them), because they are not capable of doing so. There are no limitations or barriers of any sort, only the ones we created by ourselves in our minds!!! Again, we can do all things!!!

You are an original, a unique designer made by God. You are the only one of your kind, the only person that has your type of design in him/her. A need arose, then you were created to meet that need, not the other way round. You were not put here by God for no reason, you were put here for a reason, no matter the circumstances that surrounded your birth.

We can get to any point we want to get to in life, if only we decide to. It is as far as your eyes can see that can be given to you (that you can achieve), not as far as people set for you, what people said about you, or how your life has been. It all begins NOW!! Dr. Myles Munroe said, “Everyone is a potential leader”. We all have dominion potentials in our DNA.

You do not use other people’s standards or statements about you to live your life, except God’s. Here are some of the things God said about you:
1. You were created to have dominion- you have the potential to always be the best at what you do.
2. You can do all things, if God strengthens you.
3. You can lend to nations, and nations will come to the brightness of your dawn.
4. Your small or little is mighty.
5. Your future is secured!!!

Friends, you are an original, no one is like you. There are no limitations for you, only the ones you create in your minds!!!


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Sometimes some words just slip through our mouth, and the moment they get out, we regret every word in that group of words. We wish we could take them back, but we know its impossible. Some people, as a result of this, will begin to wallow in self pity and depression, trying to numb the feeling of regret that have taken over their emotions. This article is here to show us how to tame the tongue.

First things first, you cannot tame the tongue!! Words in your mind that want to come out through your mouth are unstoppable. You can only control your mind- what you allow your mind to think of, imagine, or remember. The mouth will only speak out of the abundance of the heart (mind). Our minds should be guarded at all times, because it is from here that our whole lives are shaped. We control what we make our minds feed on. Like I said in my last post “Your mind is not a dumpsite”. The only influence you have over your tongue, is the influence you have over what you allow yourself to think of, imagine, or memorize.

If I want to stop the things I say, I have to stop the things I think of all the time. If I want to start saying somethings, I have to start thinking of them most of the time. The mind is the battelfield of one’s life, you keep winning each fight until you totally win the war!!!


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“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. ” – Rosa Parks

You have the keys to all your decisions and actions, nobody can influence your decisions and actions except you allow them to. You take captive every thought, every word, and every sight, from anyone, and screen them with your own principles to see if they match. This is the more reason why you have to arm yourself with the right people (promoters)- people with shared values. It is good to listen to people’s comments about you, but you examine them to take in and work on the ones that are true, noble, just, pure, lovely, of good report, virtuous, and praiseworthy. Things that exhort, comfort, and build you up.

We need to stop putting the blame on friends, family, church, community, leaders, or school, and look inward to see who really call the shots- YOU!!! If people call you stupid, its just their opinion, its not what really is. If they say “go to hell!”, its an advice, its not compulsory you carry it out. If they say you will never amount to anything in life, its a statement, do not let it bother you. Your mind is not a dumpsite, where every Tom, Dick and Harry can just come and deposit anything, leaving you messed up. Its in your power to make decisions that will enhance your life.

Perhaps, people’s opinions of you have messed up your life, you just need to change your mindset: You are the only one of your kind, you are an original, a unique being with wonderful untapped potentials and capacities, no one is like you, and you have the capacity, just like everyone else, to lead a successful life. You were created by God to reflect His image and glory, and God has given you the ability to do that. Build yourself with books, tapes, and other materials that can help you to be successful. You are the best!!!


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Love is one of the most popularized and widely defined words in the world. With everyone giving their personal definitions based on their experiences, values, culture, or knowledge. This article is here to let us know what love is not. Some of the definitions given to love by people are either fake, or a shadow of the real meaning of love. What love is not:

1. Love is not a feeling

The question “What is love?” was once thrown to someone I know sometime ago, and the answer he gave was “Love is a deep feeling of affection towards someone or something”. Many people will agree with this definition, but this is not what love is. Feelings are the FRUITS not the ROOTS of love. You do not start loving because of a thing you feel, you start loving by a decision to care, share, and give. Feelings develop from love, not the other way round. Some other times feelings may develop from our own selfishness, that is, we begin to feel the need for the person or thing just because of what we want to get from the person or thing. If love is based on feelings, what happens when the feelings are gone? Hatred? You will agree with me that sometimes, what we feel for some friends and family when they offend or annoy us is what we will call hatred. But even in that feeling, we never stopped loving them. This shows that feelings are not reliable pointers to love. Epilepsy is what sweeps you off your feet, not love. Asthma is what takes your breath away, not love. Anxiety is what gives you goose bumps, not love. Stomach ulceration or stomach upset is what causes butterflies in your tummy, not love!!

2. Love is not sex

We have tied sex to love so many times that we all agree that having sex is “making love”. If sex means making love, why then are hookers, and commercial sex workers not the most loving and lovely people on earth? Sex displays committment and one-ness with the other person, and this level of unity can only be ascertained in marriage (In another article we will see more about this).

3. Love is not a good or service

People think they can buy or sell love. No way!!! It is practically impossible to do that. No amount of money (or what it can buy) can buy or pay for love. It can only pay for pretence, because when the money is gone, the true self is revealed, and love will not be found. Love cannot be sold, you only sell your dignity and ego, and sooner or later, you loose your personality, and become a slave to the master that bought you. Be careful.

We will look at “What love is”, next time. Love you.