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Continuity keeps the whole universe in existence. The moon moving continuously in its orbit around the earth. The earth moving continuously in its orbit around the sun. Continuous directional motion is the only way to get to your desired goals. No one gets anywhere without MOVING in the DIRECTION of that place. You keep moving until you get there. To keep one’s life going, the brain never stops working, the heart never stops working, the lungs never stop working, even when we are resting or sleeping. We easily get bored and tired of our dreams and aspirations because they did not start as we expected, they are not going the way we expected, and we think we will never get them done. I know that things can get really difficult, but stopping will not lead you there, only moving will. Be resilient, practically FORCE your way there!! Life will not give you anything, you only demand for what you need by continuous directional motion towards it. Nature will only support a dream that never left the heart of the dreamer, a dream that is always acted upon.


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    jahdcyple said:
    February 16, 2014 at 10:09 pm


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