If Wishes Were Horses?

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“If wishes were horses, beggars would ride”


Unfortunately, wishes aren’t horses, and all “wishers”, not beggars will NOT ride! Wait! Why will one just sit down and assume that all the good things of life will locate him from the north, south, east, west, top, bottom (oh, bottom means devil, sorry), everywhere, but himself? Sometimes I wonder when these “good” things developed legs. Even the human carriers of these good things cannot locate him. You know why? They don’t even know his address, he never came out of the house! For years, he has been wishing for a visitor that he does not know, have not invited, and cannot attract. Even if good things eventually get his adress and come visiting, he has no thing, as in, “nothing to offer”.

It is the undeniable feature of infancy to expect (positive) results when you have made no input. Why will an adult expect to just hit jackpot? Why will he imagine stuff like walking in the street and bump into a million dollars lounging by the corner of a bend? Why will he allow his mind to be this poor? Why will he waste this great function of imagination on unrealistic frivolities? Is there not a process, a route to follow? He should try and get rid of “Peter Pan-ness” quickly, and grow up!!


Let me tell you the secret to success………………………………….well, no secret at all. Just be clear about what you want to do, plan/develop a strategy to get it done, then get it done! There will be obstacles on the way, but your resolve, discipline, and determination will be able to conquer them. To start with, love (accommodating and giving), and service (solution providing) are key virtues one should portray.

Ikechukwu Nwosu



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First from my mother
That very day when I woke up with so much vigour
Took my bath, and ran off to prepare for school
Mother had already prepared my meal
So I took to the dining to eat
Father, who was supposed to take me to school
Left very early for an important meeting
Mother took me to school after the meal
I was happy that day, I didn’t know why
As she dropped me by the school gate
I kissed her and walked into the school
Reaching the gate I turned back to wave goodbye
Suddenly!! Just like a flash
This eighteen wheeler ran into mother’s car
Crushed it, and I shouted “Mother”
Wishing she was not in the car
Unfortunately, she was, and she died instantly
It was September 23rd, I lost her that day

New mother came August 5th
Eleven months later
But she never acted like a mother
When she came my peace left
Sleep late, wake early,
Perform chores over and over again
Despised whenever I read, but I read anyway
Run errands late at night
She put me through much more than all these
I told dad, but she always found a way to justify herself
Dad never took me seriously
Celeste was my solace, my friend
The daughter of our neighbour
The sister I never had

New wife soon had her children
I would have called them brother and sister
But they never acted so
Their mother had taught them
To hate me, oh what a mother!
If my mother was around, things would have been better

Soon father was away to never land
Caught by a stray bullet, during an armed robbery
It was July 30th
Now it’s me and the tripartite beings
Who daily maltreat me
They envy my little success in school
Still I’m not bothered
Mother’s love abides forever
Always an inch ahead
Maybe it’s my good deeds that put me in the lead
Thanks to Celeste, who has always been there for me
She was indeed a sister

In all I’m glad for the few good people I know
Still optimistic they would change,
I mean the tripartite beings,
To the good tripartite beings in the heavenlies
Thank you for Andrew.

Written by:
Victor Okolo

Faith and Works

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AMP:So also faith, if it does not have works (deeds and actions of obedience to back it up), by itself is destitute of power (inoperative, dead).

James 2:17


There’s something I want you to see (if you haven’t seen it before) in that scripture. It says that faith without works is dead, which then means that without works, faith does not exist, that work is the life and power of faith.

When action is not added to belief, there you have a faithless situation. You cannot conceive, believe, and achieve if you do not “work-ieve”!! So, it is not enough to believe, you must DO something. No matter the strength of your belief, without action, nothing happens.

That action may be possession of virtues such as committment, discipline, love, patience, diligence, obedience, but there must be something or somethings you have to do, that connects you to your beliefs or desired future!

There is always something, or somethings that you have to do to deliver the results you believed for; the children of Israel, led by Moses, had to move close to the formidable Red Sea, to show there obedience to God, and readiness to cross over it, and Moses had to stretch his rod, still in obeisance to God, before this great sea quickly constructed a highway for God’s people- by God’s arrangent

Happy Day to you!

Ikechukwu Nwosu

Misplaced Priorities; The Cause of Loss

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People can, often times, get carried away with activities, ushering them into neglect for what really is needful and important. Truth is, we cannot perform all of the activities in out to-do list at once, hence, the need for proper delegation of time for our various activities.

I want to share some thoughts with you, hope you gain from them:

* You arrange activities in a scale of importance, not preference, because what you prefer may differ from what is important qnd relevant in a given period.

* Activities that their exiry dates/times is as close as your mouth is to your nose should be done first and quickly. Infact, you should not allow it to be that close, try to get the things done when their expiry dates/times are at “arm’s length”. If you fail to do this, itay cost you; just like missing an examination because you spent the night preparing for the examination, and then slept off when you were supposed to go for the examination, or missing your flight, or worse, not getting the ingredients to cook dinner ready, and it’s time for dinner.

* Activities that involve human life and death should be treated with utmost importance.

* Activities that build you, the people around you (society), and your nation up, should be done continually and continuously- EVERYDAY!

* What you can do at a later date/time should be put at a later date/time when you have something with as much importance/relevance to do. This is not to condone or support procastination, but it is to enhance better quality use of time.

If you do not prioritise your activities properly, you MUST lose, at least, your time, confidence on yourself, trustworthiness, and reliability. Go and Do what you ought to do!

Thank you for reading.

My Father, Books, and Reading

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As I write today, I remember my father, John O. Nwosu (late), and the profound impact he made on every aspect of my life. He taught me to be peaceful, caring, helpful, accomodating, he taught me to laugh, forgive, and to READ!!! I learnt ALL these by just WATCHing him act them out to everyone I saw him come in contact with. His actions and LIFEstyle had trained me on how to live honourably, such that when he spoke about these things to me, it’s like revision of what I see him DO.

He leaves for work in the morning, but always comes back home with two important things in his portfolio- his newspaper, and our snack. This happens five days a week. The weekends were not left out because I usually look out for newspaper vendors and the sound of their “hand-horn” to get our newspaper. Yes, our newspaper. I see him read everyday, so I had to want to read. Though, I started with the cartoon section (usually at the last pages), I read the newspaper virtually everyday. I then moved on to the sports section, solved puzzles, followed by the section with health tips, and all other parts of this information source. This buried an important lesson in me, and it is that, “You read to KNOW, not to pass any test. This lesson has impacted my life and academics since then. Father gave me the first foreign novel I read, it was “The Merchant of Vernice” and I loved it.

I spend my evenings with him, in front of the television, watching, and listening to news, and soap operas before I go to bed. He always calls me “Iyke One”, and this makes me feel even above “on top of the world”. Did I mention that I was the last child? Oh sorry I didn’t, I was indeed the last child, and I love this position! We’ll gist about our day, and other stuff I don’t want you to know about (lol).

I’m grown now, but I still wish we’ll have those moments again. I miss him.

If I continue to write now, I may never finish any time soon, but this was the foundation of my inquisitive attitude- a constant thirst for knowledge. I want to say to all parents and guardians, that they read a book to their children, even to toddlers who may not understand, at least, they will know that reading is part of life. As they grow, GIVE them books to read and review, and teach them to read to gain knowledge.


Books, whether electronic or hard copies helps us to:
Acquire, and formulate principles that will help us succeed in our endeavours
Sharpen our thoughts- You begin to think in the direction you may never have come across, you gain new knowledge.
Relate well with ourselves- You develop better habits.

I know, some books exists that achieve the exact opposite of what is above, but if as a parent/guardian, you expose your children/wards to what is right, they will not depart from it.

Thank you for reading. Feel free to drop a comment and share this with your friends.

Ikechukwu Nwosu

An Open Letter To The Married

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Dear Married (especially newlyweds),

I write today to let you know certain observations I’ve made, and share a truth I have discovered, though I’m not yet one of you. I hope you get something from it.

There is no other family as important to both of you as the family you are building- your husband (wife) and probably your children. All other families are second to “this” family.

These days what I see among some of you marvels me. Some women (and men) now see their husbands as Automated Teller Machines from which they withdraw ALL they can and pump into the family where they were born, some men (and women) see their wives as pleasure/baby making machines from which they add to the number of people in their home family or villages. If you are in this category, you have already missed a core aspect of marriage- companionship!!

Your main focus should be on each other, and the family you are building. You should be aware of, and discuss about each other goals, interests, ambitions, and life purpose. You should help each other out in ALL ways. Always be there for each other, discuss stuff, go out, talk about your kids- how many you both want, and how you want to raise them, keep strife away, seek help when need be, be truthful to each other, love, trust, be reliable, be confident in, and cater for each other. To sum it all up, just be real intimate FRIENDS!!!

If “So shall a man (woman) leave his father and mother and cleave unto his (her) wife (husband) and they shall become one flesh” means nothing to you, then there will be a problem. It is not a must that you get married, but since you are, you must be committed to making it work. Work together with each other to build your family.

Your wife (or husband) is not a property that you bought, and can sell, dispose, or buy another one anytime you like. Your husband (or wife) is not a teller that you go to to withdraw money, and when there isno more money, you desert him (or her).

You are now ONE FLESH, act it!!! Remember, “a house divided against itself shall not prosper”.

Your Faithful Unmarried Brother,
Ikechukwu Nwosu (@IkeNwosuIsaac)

Take a trip to Jupiter

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Ah! It’s been a while since I posted here, and believe me, I’ve really missed posting here. So sorry for my absence.

Let’s go to the post of today

“I not only use the brains I have, but all I can borrow”- Woodrow Wilson

No one has ever been able to achieve anything without the help of people. From Adam, to Jesus, to Martin Luther King Jnr, you will discover that people are needed to fulfil even our own personal goals and dreams. I always say that the universe is big enough to contain each individual to a planet because it expands three times the earth every second. But the seven billion of us are “choked” here on earth alone. This is because we need each other!! There is no goal, activity, or aspiration, no matter how personal, that another individual is not needed. If not for anything, at least for accountability.

There is no company/business without employee(s), no kingdom without citizens, no family without people. You cannot do it well alone. If you want to, then TAKE A TRIP TO JUPITER.

So happy to post again and bring smile to your faces, inspiration and motivation to you soul, and happiness in your presence.

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