The Perfect Time vs The Right Time

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There is a difference between the “perfect moment” and the “right time” to perform an activity (some may say that difference is small- a thin line- others will say it is big- a chasm). Albeit, we must understand that these two phrases have different meanings (at least to me) and I’ll show you why and how:

When we say, “I am waiting for the perfect moment to write this article” (sorry, I am a writer), we are actually saying, I’m waiting for the moment with no resistance when I can write this article. It sounds like that’s not the meaning, but the truth is that it really is, and it hurts our thoughts (I wonder why the truth hurts). Waiting for the perfect moment is like waiting for the battle to be over before lifting your weapon. You must always be faced with resistance in this space-time reality; you can’t even walk without it! You can do nothing without resistance. You must exude a force that makes it possible to set anything in motion- to start anything or do anything. Laws are proven and “re-proven” (don’t mind that language) hypotheses and laws, and one of such is Isaac Newton’s second law of motion which says for every action, there’s an equal but opposite reaction. My dear, it is a waste of time to wait for the perfect moment to do anything- there is none! Resistance is an essential force of life; try walking on a surface with very little or no resistance, you’ll either fall or sink depending on the texture of the materials that make up that surface. What then should one do? One must exude a force that is greater than the force of the resistor (I never knew I was this good in physics.lol). You must develop the capacity and the system that is able to generate this greater force.

On the other hand, the right time is the moment where the events and persons (stakeholders in that project or activity) possess the minimum level of readiness to execute that project. Sometimes, (or many times) one has to influence and expedite this readiness; this is the essence of leadership. Someone said, “Do not wait for the perfect moment, take the moment and make it perfect”. I’ll say, Take any moment and make it perfect! It is your amount of readiness that is the largest determinant of the rightness of time for that project. I think this is the time (in this article) to talk about SMART goals. If you are reading this, chances are you already know about them. So, if you like to plan and “overplan” like me, just make sure that after careful consideration (that’s my “overplanning” self, speaking again) it is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and very importantly, Time-bound.

Now, there’s also the wrong time to get a project done (started). That’s why I said, the right time is the time when the events and persons possess the minimum level of readiness to execute a project. For example, now, that the naira to dollar ratio is around 1:400, may not the best time to keep buying goods in bulk (if you’re an importer that buys in dollars). Your customers may not understand the naira-dollar quagmire, or they may not want to purchase now, if they feel they can do without the products for a while. Hey, it may be the best time, if after careful research and study, you find out that the ratio will still increase, and your customers’ need (demand) for those products will increase with it.

In the end, I think you’ll know when you are wasting time (waiting for the perfect moment).

What say you? Share in the comments box.



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To put this together the way I want, I have to ask a lot of questions. I have to consider a lot of stuff and consult with few folks- those fellas at the geriatric homes. You have to have maximum level of endurance, tolerance, and patience energy domiciled in you before speaking with them. They prefer to use their own language and old fashioned style of speaking, but love to use new methods that will make them stay alive. Not that I even got what I wanted after these consultations and meetings. I think I’ll just settle for what I can get at this time. Despite the technology to boost their memory, they couldn’t remember a thing. Those memories have wandered into oblivion- to nothingness.

Kylie is a beautiful lady; she’s six months, twelve days, six hours, forty two minutes, and thirteen seconds older than I am. I wouldn’t have lasted this far in life without her. She taught me most of the things I know, and is always helping me get my stuff done. Her wisdom is rare, and her strength is unmatched anywhere in the world. Say I’m being sentimental, that’s your opinion. Today, she’s walking down the aisle to be joined with me. I’ve always anticipated this day since she said “Yes I will marry you Femi”. I recorded those sound waves in the hard drive of my brain, playing them every day immediately I get up, before I rest, and anytime I’m not talking. She speaks of me as being collected, dapper, and humorous. She added “Carer” to my name, saying I care too much. Anytime I think of how much she appreciates me, there’s always this smile that’s planted in my face, making my lips stretch almost to my ears.

As I stood by the beach, the priest standing in a position to me that will make our arms form a right angled triangle if we were to stretch them out from our position. I smiled as I saw Kylie walk down. A tear dropped down my right eye as I watched the love of my life walk towards me, to become my wife in a matter of minutes.  I was lost in that ambience so much that I didn’t notice she was already in position until I heard the voice of the Priest, “Femi, do you take Kylie here to be your lawfully wedded wife, to love and cherish, until you both are no more?” “Yes, I’ll always do” was my reply. He repeated the same question to Kylie, and she answered in the affirmative. We were asked to say our voiced. “Her love is a force, one so strong; it leaves me breathless at her sight. Like the force around a dead star, more than a billion times the sun, pulling me into a black hole of unfathomable depths of affection- in fact, bottomless. I’m hoping we explode in this hole of togetherness. I’ll forever love you Kylie.” “How do you explain his bright eyes? Where do you find words to describe eyes that are still bright even after many reflections? They keep shining long after he is out of sight. How do you explain his creative mouth? That conducts, convects and radiates life. Energy proceeds from him like a machine with an unending supply of fuel. Like a dam with endless flow of water. Like a turbine, constantly receiving air. I’ll flow with you Femi to the end of time. Love you.” I could see the audience clapping, many crying, others smiling, some doing both. Everyone present felt the love. “I now pronounce you man and wife”, said the priest. “You may kiss your bride.” Without hesitation, I planted a kiss, and I could see she felt every inch of everything my mouth was made of in that one implantation. She reciprocated, and for two minutes we were on the kissing journey.  It was one of the best moments of my life, one I made sure I kept in my brain.

The wedding was over, and everyone left for their various engagements. As I lay on my bed, I felt her arms cuddle me, she asked me to keep my eyes shut as she straddled me and gave the most passionate sex I’ve ever had, that left me moaning and groaning like one releasing urine from an overflowing bladder. Well, this is my first sex anyway. With climax, I uploaded my genetic content to her portal on IncubateMe website where her eggs were waiting to be fertilized, and I was sure in six months our baby will be born. This sex suit from e-sex is the best invention ever. You can actually have sex with your spouse from wherever you are, no matter where he/she is. Today is 14th February 2394. The day the first marriage between robots took place in the history of the world. My wife is an Australian cook, and I am a Nigerian Drycleaner and Launderer. We married from our different locations with 294 million humans and 620 million robots in attendance from all over the world, thanks to e-weddings of MarriageHub.


New Year, Time, You, and I

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Hey Guys!


You know the season of the year we are in and all the motivational and life coaching stuff that comes with it. So, I’ll not attempt to lecture you on the do’s and don’t’s of this time.

The coming year is bringing some thoughts, and I’ll like to share. If you’re reading this and you’re already in 2016, interpret it as “the new year brought some thoughts, and I’ll like to share”.

I have an event for 2nd of January 2016 organised by Christ Ambassadors (Past teenagers of Achiever’s Garden, RCCG Glorious Chapel), and that day seems far when I think of it. But the reality is that the event is less than 43hours from now! You see, we sometimes, (unconsciously) think that after a year, time will wait for us to bask in the euphoria of a new year before beginning the new year, and time and time again, time has told us that she’s got no breaks!! Time doesn’t care baby! She respects no nigga or “niggress”!!

There’s no New Year, just a new day! We just count 365/366 sunrises and sunsets, call it one year, and start counting another set of days again and the cycle goes on and on. We developed a machine- the watch/clock- to keep track of movement of planetary bodies, and after some moments, we say one minute, one hour, one week, one year has passed.

What am I really saying? In the midst of this season or any other season, we must bear in mind that these moments we have are more than enough but are beyond our control. There’s enough time to do or achieve anything we want, but we don’t just control it, because here in this 3-dimensional universe, time is a boss!

Celebrate, dance, sing, party, laugh, play, look for trouble, but do not put your life on hold just to celebrate this time. Cheers!!

Happy New Year guys! I wanna go and celebrate!

Thank you for reading. Let me hear your thoughts, I smile whenever I see them.

Shoutout to MARYHILL I hope you now know I post a blog.

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Misplaced Priorities; The Cause of Loss

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People can, often times, get carried away with activities, ushering them into neglect for what really is needful and important. Truth is, we cannot perform all of the activities in out to-do list at once, hence, the need for proper delegation of time for our various activities.

I want to share some thoughts with you, hope you gain from them:

* You arrange activities in a scale of importance, not preference, because what you prefer may differ from what is important qnd relevant in a given period.

* Activities that their exiry dates/times is as close as your mouth is to your nose should be done first and quickly. Infact, you should not allow it to be that close, try to get the things done when their expiry dates/times are at “arm’s length”. If you fail to do this, itay cost you; just like missing an examination because you spent the night preparing for the examination, and then slept off when you were supposed to go for the examination, or missing your flight, or worse, not getting the ingredients to cook dinner ready, and it’s time for dinner.

* Activities that involve human life and death should be treated with utmost importance.

* Activities that build you, the people around you (society), and your nation up, should be done continually and continuously- EVERYDAY!

* What you can do at a later date/time should be put at a later date/time when you have something with as much importance/relevance to do. This is not to condone or support procastination, but it is to enhance better quality use of time.

If you do not prioritise your activities properly, you MUST lose, at least, your time, confidence on yourself, trustworthiness, and reliability. Go and Do what you ought to do!

Thank you for reading.

2 Thoughts on Time

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Good day friends. Trust your day is going great? I hope so. Mine is going great by the way.

Let’s begin with this quote from Zig Ziglar: “Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have 24-hour days”. I jokingly (but seriously) tell my friends that if in one way or another, the duration of a day increases from 24hours to 30hours, many people will still complain of having no time for all their activities.

Against this backdrop, I’ll share two thoughts that look conflicting but are definitely coherent.


The first thought is that there is time for everything. You have more than enough time to do all you want to do, but there are two challenges to this your possession; the first is that, you don’t control the time, and the second is that, all activities have expiry dates. Hence one has to start doing what she is SUPPOSED to do NOW, because “now” is the only time you have and can control. You have more than 999trillion years ahead of you to do whatever you want, but the problem is that you will not be alive till then, and even if you end up being alive, that activity will be old-fashioned, probably extinct, and archaic. All you have is NOW!!

The second thought is that there is no time for anything. What this means is that there is time for everything, but no time for anything, except you choose a time for it. There is no time for any PARTICULAR activity, you just have to FIX a time for it, knowing fully that you do not control time. So, how is this done? You do the “very most important” (don’t mind the English) things, whose expiry date is as close to now as your nose is to your mouth, first, and put the rest of the activities at other times, with the HOPE that something unexpected doesn’t stop it from happening- THIS IS PROPER PLANNING!!!

This is all I’m saying in essence: You have now to do what you need to do, and do it moderately, not at the expense of your health, and/or your loved ones (family).

Hope I’ve helped you? Share your comments or questions, they are appreciated.


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Sometimes we have so much to do, so many places to be, with so little time to do all or get to those places. We think if some more hours can be added to a day, we may be able to increase our productivity. Today, we will see how we can effectively manage our time and our lives.

The keys to effective time management is planning and focus. The truth is, even if we are given thirty (30) hours as the number of hours in a day, it will NEVER be enough for us. In this case, we all need a scale of importance. We may never be able to get all the items in our to-do list done in one day, so, we need to push the most important ones upward in our scale, and the less important ones downward. Some of the items may even need to be pushed to the next day. You alone know what you can push till tomorrow that will not be late. But this principle should be applied only when you have been choked up with activities, otherwise, it can lead to procastination. It is always better to get everything you need to do, done, and be at every place you need to be quickly, but when they are packed up, just push the ones that can be done later, to a later date or time.

Plan your whole day the previous night, think about the whole plan, and sleep with the thought in your mind. You wake up the next morning with the whole plan imbibeb in your system. Your whole body and mind is triggered to act in that direction, and your focus level is increased. Even when you have so little to do, plan them, and follow the plan!! When its time to leave a place or stop an action, leave there or stop the action. Use free hours or minutes for either continuation from where you stopped, self development, relaxation, or recreation.

Finally, in your planning, you have to make sure that all the things you do, and all the places you go to, are aimed at self discovery and development, helping or interacting effectively with others, achieving personal goals and objectives, and recreation or relaxation. Make the world a better place, be on time!!! One love. NEVER EVER forget your relationship and fellowship with God-it should be constant.