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Sometimes some words just slip through our mouth, and the moment they get out, we regret every word in that group of words. We wish we could take them back, but we know its impossible. Some people, as a result of this, will begin to wallow in self pity and depression, trying to numb the feeling of regret that have taken over their emotions. This article is here to show us how to tame the tongue.

First things first, you cannot tame the tongue!! Words in your mind that want to come out through your mouth are unstoppable. You can only control your mind- what you allow your mind to think of, imagine, or remember. The mouth will only speak out of the abundance of the heart (mind). Our minds should be guarded at all times, because it is from here that our whole lives are shaped. We control what we make our minds feed on. Like I said in my last post “Your mind is not a dumpsite”. The only influence you have over your tongue, is the influence you have over what you allow yourself to think of, imagine, or memorize.

If I want to stop the things I say, I have to stop the things I think of all the time. If I want to start saying somethings, I have to start thinking of them most of the time. The mind is the battelfield of one’s life, you keep winning each fight until you totally win the war!!!


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