“What one thing would you like to solve in your country if you had the power?” – My Response

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Hello Friends,

So I was asked that question recently, and this is what I responded with. Enjoy!


Information is the most formidable adversary to the underdevelopment of any society. It will, at any time, defeat underdevelopment just as light defeats darkness. As a matter of fact, darkness is not an entity itself, it’s what we get in the absence of light, just as cold is the absence of (enough) heat. We have heard many times, and we even agree with the statement, “If you are not informed you will be deformed”. This statement is true both literarily and figuratively, as information is the number one weapon against the crippling effect of underdevelopment.

Information is light, that’s why it’s always linked with “enlightenment”. Absence of information takes us back to the “dark- age” which was ended by the emergence of the Industrial Revolution that was predicated on access to information.

I would ensure literacy- mass literacy- and by literacy I do not mean ability to read and write. I mean ability to understand oneself and one’s world. What I mean by “one’s world” is both the people and things that one relates with in particular, and the global community in general. Mass literacy is human capacity development, it is ensuring that persons are capable physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually, of generating societal development.

The purpose of Education is to bring out inherent qualities, whilst transferring needed skills, knowledge, and attitudes from the educator to the learner. Information dissemination is the essence of education, and this will achieve two general things: It will fuel individual uniqueness that will breed innovation (and personal and national development), and it will transfer essential attributes for global citizenship.

Other things mass literacy will achieve are: improved quality of life, prevention of diseases, and sustainable development. These are the solutions I’ll (continue to) create as I attract greater influence and power.

Share your thoughts, comment. Thank you.



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