How about You, Lionel Messi and Taribo West on the same team?

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Hey guys, how are you enjoying the new year? (Please let me know in the comment box).

So, I finally got to watch the FIFA Ballon D’Or awards last night (tuesday), though not intentionally, and not all of it anyway. Just the part that Lionel received the Ballon D’Or- for the fifth time. Yeah, I know I’m kinda late. I’m not that much of a football guy. That doesn’t mean I’m one of those over serious fellas (ask people that know me personally, they’ll tell you). I love watching football – the 9mins highlights by Supersports. God bless the guys that brought the idea of highlights. How would people like me have coped?


Before Lionel Messi received the award, they played some of his highlights in different matches during the past season, and boy oh boy, that guy is awesome. Well, everybody knows that already. I saw some “wonders” and I was like, “Wetin! Guy you too good!” (Someone should translate that to English in the comments box please).  When I see that guy play (highlights of I just keep wondering how someone can be this good. I tell my friends that if one says he’s a footballer, he should watch Lionel Messi and after watching still decides to become a footballer because he/she truly feels and knows that he/she has the potential to meet and surpass that level of skill then he/she is good to go. If not, he/she is good to go too! But to go back to his/her soul for clarity and to the pitch, for training- it may still be football. I don’t need to tell you to put this wisdom to work in your own niche.

Did I hear someone say this is comparison? It’s not brother sister, it is aiming high. Did you see “meet” and “surpass” above? Another person is saying “what if I’m a defender?” Lolz, please look for a defender that does his job beyond excellently and apply the same principle. Taribo West or somebody……………..

………..Why are you laughing?

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