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Sometimes we have so much to do, so many places to be, with so little time to do all or get to those places. We think if some more hours can be added to a day, we may be able to increase our productivity. Today, we will see how we can effectively manage our time and our lives.

The keys to effective time management is planning and focus. The truth is, even if we are given thirty (30) hours as the number of hours in a day, it will NEVER be enough for us. In this case, we all need a scale of importance. We may never be able to get all the items in our to-do list done in one day, so, we need to push the most important ones upward in our scale, and the less important ones downward. Some of the items may even need to be pushed to the next day. You alone know what you can push till tomorrow that will not be late. But this principle should be applied only when you have been choked up with activities, otherwise, it can lead to procastination. It is always better to get everything you need to do, done, and be at every place you need to be quickly, but when they are packed up, just push the ones that can be done later, to a later date or time.

Plan your whole day the previous night, think about the whole plan, and sleep with the thought in your mind. You wake up the next morning with the whole plan imbibeb in your system. Your whole body and mind is triggered to act in that direction, and your focus level is increased. Even when you have so little to do, plan them, and follow the plan!! When its time to leave a place or stop an action, leave there or stop the action. Use free hours or minutes for either continuation from where you stopped, self development, relaxation, or recreation.

Finally, in your planning, you have to make sure that all the things you do, and all the places you go to, are aimed at self discovery and development, helping or interacting effectively with others, achieving personal goals and objectives, and recreation or relaxation. Make the world a better place, be on time!!! One love. NEVER EVER forget your relationship and fellowship with God-it should be constant.


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