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Nothing meaningful is achieved by a product without proper identification of that product with its purpose, as given by its manufacturer. The discovery of one’s purpose is what is called VISION. It is called a vision because it shows you your destiny-ation in life, what you ought to be doing, and how you are meant to do it. One is only enabled to have this vision if he/she is properly connected to his manufacturer-God. This is because, no one knows the purpose of a thing, save the manufacturer, and when he shows it to you, it is called a VISION. God created us all, and only Him can ascertain our purpose, and how we ought to live our lives.

A friend described vision using this acronym:

V-Vitality: It renews your strength to fulfil your purpose.

I-Inspiration- It spurs you to fulfil your purpose.

S-Saves time: It gives you the ability to do what you need to do, and not wasting time on irrelevant things.

I-Innovation: It makes you creative, because to fulfil purpose, you need to create ways to do so.

O-Overcome Obstacles: With your vision always in mind, one becomes unstoppable.

N-Newness: Your vision is new- it is unique. No one is like you in all of the world!!!

The greatest search, I believe, is the search for purpose. And it can only be discovered in God!!! One love.


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