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Use Your Brain, THINK!!!

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Hey there! How is the weekend going? Or better still, how did your weekend go? I’m pleased to have you read my post today. Hope you gain from it.


NIV: He went out to the field one evening to meditate, and as he looked up, he saw camels approaching.
Genesis 24vs63

Look at the first part of that scripture; it was referring to Isaac, the son of Jacob (whose name was changed to Isreal, the father of the present day Isreal in Asia). It said that Isaac went to the field to meditate. It meant that it was a deliberate attempt. He was not just relaxing in the field, then he began to meditate, neither was he working in the field, then he decided to relax, and from relaxing, he began to meditate. He planned it all out; that he was going to the field for meditation!!

It is God’s purpose that we use our brains, and THINK! Hey, I’m not talking about worrying here, I’m talking about putting your mind to work in proferring solutions to problems, and deciding action(s) to take concerning a particular thing. You do not think about a situation you cannot change, one that has imprinted itself on your past booklet.

If you SEARCH for the solution of a problem, you will FIND it! It’s just that many people, spend most of their time, wondering how they got into the problem, and lamenting about their predicament. Listen, LOOK for the way out! There is always a way out, and you find it when you open up your mind to seeking for solutions and best actions to take.

God said, “…..let us reason together”, He also said “…..think on these things”. He wants us to use our brains!! You have a brain, use it! In (positive) thinking, you gain knowledge and insight on issues concerning you and what you put your mind to. If you want to succeed in any endeavour, you have to put your mind to work, ask questions, reason out other’s opinions, weigh the pros and cons, decide carefully what you want to do, and just do it!!

Make (positive) thinking part of your daily routine, and watch your life tranform for the better!! Thank you for reading.

Ikechukwu Nwosu


My Father, Books, and Reading

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As I write today, I remember my father, John O. Nwosu (late), and the profound impact he made on every aspect of my life. He taught me to be peaceful, caring, helpful, accomodating, he taught me to laugh, forgive, and to READ!!! I learnt ALL these by just WATCHing him act them out to everyone I saw him come in contact with. His actions and LIFEstyle had trained me on how to live honourably, such that when he spoke about these things to me, it’s like revision of what I see him DO.

He leaves for work in the morning, but always comes back home with two important things in his portfolio- his newspaper, and our snack. This happens five days a week. The weekends were not left out because I usually look out for newspaper vendors and the sound of their “hand-horn” to get our newspaper. Yes, our newspaper. I see him read everyday, so I had to want to read. Though, I started with the cartoon section (usually at the last pages), I read the newspaper virtually everyday. I then moved on to the sports section, solved puzzles, followed by the section with health tips, and all other parts of this information source. This buried an important lesson in me, and it is that, “You read to KNOW, not to pass any test. This lesson has impacted my life and academics since then. Father gave me the first foreign novel I read, it was “The Merchant of Vernice” and I loved it.

I spend my evenings with him, in front of the television, watching, and listening to news, and soap operas before I go to bed. He always calls me “Iyke One”, and this makes me feel even above “on top of the world”. Did I mention that I was the last child? Oh sorry I didn’t, I was indeed the last child, and I love this position! We’ll gist about our day, and other stuff I don’t want you to know about (lol).

I’m grown now, but I still wish we’ll have those moments again. I miss him.

If I continue to write now, I may never finish any time soon, but this was the foundation of my inquisitive attitude- a constant thirst for knowledge. I want to say to all parents and guardians, that they read a book to their children, even to toddlers who may not understand, at least, they will know that reading is part of life. As they grow, GIVE them books to read and review, and teach them to read to gain knowledge.


Books, whether electronic or hard copies helps us to:
Acquire, and formulate principles that will help us succeed in our endeavours
Sharpen our thoughts- You begin to think in the direction you may never have come across, you gain new knowledge.
Relate well with ourselves- You develop better habits.

I know, some books exists that achieve the exact opposite of what is above, but if as a parent/guardian, you expose your children/wards to what is right, they will not depart from it.

Thank you for reading. Feel free to drop a comment and share this with your friends.

Ikechukwu Nwosu

What On Earth Am I Here For?

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AMP: I do not ask that You will take them out of the world, but that You will keep and protect them from the evil one.
John 17vs15


Hello, good day, and Happy Sunday!

When I saw this in the scriptures, it ushered me into certain thoughts, the products of which I’ll share today.

That was part of a prayer made by Jesus Christ for His disciples, as the time for His crucifixion drew near. He was, as you have seen, telling God not to take His disciples away from the earth, but just to deliver them from the evil one. Then I asked, what for? Why is it important that we be left here? It’s clear, God created us for dominion; we are to reign on earth just as God reigns in heaven. God brought us here to dominate in our different fields. He wants us to do very well in our various disciplines, because therein lies His glory. He said that men will see our “good works” and glorify Him.

I want to urge you today, not to be too heavenly conscious that you become earthly useless. Some folks spend all their lives, planning to get to heaven, leaving behind the reason why God placed them on earth in the first place. You are a “MEAL” that God has prepared to SERVE this HUNGRY world. You are a solution provider in the office, church, school, and all sectors/disciplines in the world. Just FIND what you are here for, and START doing it. There are things you CAN and LOVE to do that will benefit the society, starting doing them!!! It doesn’t sound like something from God, to allow someone live 70years for the SOLE PURPOSE of dying and going to heaven.

Do what you can and have to do now!!! That’s what God expects of you. One love!


An Open Letter To The Married

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Dear Married (especially newlyweds),

I write today to let you know certain observations I’ve made, and share a truth I have discovered, though I’m not yet one of you. I hope you get something from it.

There is no other family as important to both of you as the family you are building- your husband (wife) and probably your children. All other families are second to “this” family.

These days what I see among some of you marvels me. Some women (and men) now see their husbands as Automated Teller Machines from which they withdraw ALL they can and pump into the family where they were born, some men (and women) see their wives as pleasure/baby making machines from which they add to the number of people in their home family or villages. If you are in this category, you have already missed a core aspect of marriage- companionship!!

Your main focus should be on each other, and the family you are building. You should be aware of, and discuss about each other goals, interests, ambitions, and life purpose. You should help each other out in ALL ways. Always be there for each other, discuss stuff, go out, talk about your kids- how many you both want, and how you want to raise them, keep strife away, seek help when need be, be truthful to each other, love, trust, be reliable, be confident in, and cater for each other. To sum it all up, just be real intimate FRIENDS!!!

If “So shall a man (woman) leave his father and mother and cleave unto his (her) wife (husband) and they shall become one flesh” means nothing to you, then there will be a problem. It is not a must that you get married, but since you are, you must be committed to making it work. Work together with each other to build your family.

Your wife (or husband) is not a property that you bought, and can sell, dispose, or buy another one anytime you like. Your husband (or wife) is not a teller that you go to to withdraw money, and when there isno more money, you desert him (or her).

You are now ONE FLESH, act it!!! Remember, “a house divided against itself shall not prosper”.

Your Faithful Unmarried Brother,
Ikechukwu Nwosu (@IkeNwosuIsaac)

2 Thoughts on Time

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Good day friends. Trust your day is going great? I hope so. Mine is going great by the way.

Let’s begin with this quote from Zig Ziglar: “Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have 24-hour days”. I jokingly (but seriously) tell my friends that if in one way or another, the duration of a day increases from 24hours to 30hours, many people will still complain of having no time for all their activities.

Against this backdrop, I’ll share two thoughts that look conflicting but are definitely coherent.


The first thought is that there is time for everything. You have more than enough time to do all you want to do, but there are two challenges to this your possession; the first is that, you don’t control the time, and the second is that, all activities have expiry dates. Hence one has to start doing what she is SUPPOSED to do NOW, because “now” is the only time you have and can control. You have more than 999trillion years ahead of you to do whatever you want, but the problem is that you will not be alive till then, and even if you end up being alive, that activity will be old-fashioned, probably extinct, and archaic. All you have is NOW!!

The second thought is that there is no time for anything. What this means is that there is time for everything, but no time for anything, except you choose a time for it. There is no time for any PARTICULAR activity, you just have to FIX a time for it, knowing fully that you do not control time. So, how is this done? You do the “very most important” (don’t mind the English) things, whose expiry date is as close to now as your nose is to your mouth, first, and put the rest of the activities at other times, with the HOPE that something unexpected doesn’t stop it from happening- THIS IS PROPER PLANNING!!!

This is all I’m saying in essence: You have now to do what you need to do, and do it moderately, not at the expense of your health, and/or your loved ones (family).

Hope I’ve helped you? Share your comments or questions, they are appreciated.


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black-woman-crying-300x222Hi all,
This is a little story I want to share, it’s a tale of pain,sorrow and remorse , and as always I will appeal that you read it and make sense of it, and share it.

The names, dates and events have been altered, so any similarities are entirely coincidental.

I stood in line behind her trying to get a doughnut at an eatery, been a while I had a doughnut, so I was willing to endure the chatter of a young lady in front of us, she seemed engrossed with her mobile phone, typing away, receiving calls and describing what she had on, and looking around as if expecting to see someone, it was getting quite annoying and I soon realized I was not the only one feeling that way, the lady in front of me shared the same notion and hissed loudly between intervals, I would later…

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Why You Are Too Important

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KJV:According as he hath chosen us in him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before him in love:
Ephesians 1:4

Happy Sunday friends. You must have noticed that every Sunday my posts are focused on Biblical Expositions, and today will be no different.

From that scripture, you’ll discover with me that, you and I have been in existence even before earth was created. As a matter of fact, earth and all there is in it was created for our purpose. Though we did not exist physically, we existed in the mind of God. You are just too important that God had to create this whole universe (your baby cottage) before your arrival.
You know how expectant parents get a room ready; furnished with baby stuffs and toys, nice paintings, and cool music so that the baby enjoys this “new womb”. This is what God did for us all, He created earth as our cottage and simply wants us to enJOY life. You were created to enjoy, and this enjoyment emanates from fulfillment of your purpose in life.

The point is, you are very important and a lot has been placed on your shoulders. Do not fail God, yourself, and the world!!

Happy Sunday. You can share your comments. One love!