Month: July 2014


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First from my mother
That very day when I woke up with so much vigour
Took my bath, and ran off to prepare for school
Mother had already prepared my meal
So I took to the dining to eat
Father, who was supposed to take me to school
Left very early for an important meeting
Mother took me to school after the meal
I was happy that day, I didn’t know why
As she dropped me by the school gate
I kissed her and walked into the school
Reaching the gate I turned back to wave goodbye
Suddenly!! Just like a flash
This eighteen wheeler ran into mother’s car
Crushed it, and I shouted “Mother”
Wishing she was not in the car
Unfortunately, she was, and she died instantly
It was September 23rd, I lost her that day

New mother came August 5th
Eleven months later
But she never acted like a mother
When she came my peace left
Sleep late, wake early,
Perform chores over and over again
Despised whenever I read, but I read anyway
Run errands late at night
She put me through much more than all these
I told dad, but she always found a way to justify herself
Dad never took me seriously
Celeste was my solace, my friend
The daughter of our neighbour
The sister I never had

New wife soon had her children
I would have called them brother and sister
But they never acted so
Their mother had taught them
To hate me, oh what a mother!
If my mother was around, things would have been better

Soon father was away to never land
Caught by a stray bullet, during an armed robbery
It was July 30th
Now it’s me and the tripartite beings
Who daily maltreat me
They envy my little success in school
Still I’m not bothered
Mother’s love abides forever
Always an inch ahead
Maybe it’s my good deeds that put me in the lead
Thanks to Celeste, who has always been there for me
She was indeed a sister

In all I’m glad for the few good people I know
Still optimistic they would change,
I mean the tripartite beings,
To the good tripartite beings in the heavenlies
Thank you for Andrew.

Written by:
Victor Okolo


Faith and Works

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AMP:So also faith, if it does not have works (deeds and actions of obedience to back it up), by itself is destitute of power (inoperative, dead).

James 2:17


There’s something I want you to see (if you haven’t seen it before) in that scripture. It says that faith without works is dead, which then means that without works, faith does not exist, that work is the life and power of faith.

When action is not added to belief, there you have a faithless situation. You cannot conceive, believe, and achieve if you do not “work-ieve”!! So, it is not enough to believe, you must DO something. No matter the strength of your belief, without action, nothing happens.

That action may be possession of virtues such as committment, discipline, love, patience, diligence, obedience, but there must be something or somethings you have to do, that connects you to your beliefs or desired future!

There is always something, or somethings that you have to do to deliver the results you believed for; the children of Israel, led by Moses, had to move close to the formidable Red Sea, to show there obedience to God, and readiness to cross over it, and Moses had to stretch his rod, still in obeisance to God, before this great sea quickly constructed a highway for God’s people- by God’s arrangent

Happy Day to you!

Ikechukwu Nwosu

The Rise of the ”HOMOCOPIERS”

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We all have dreams (at least most of us), some have blatantly refused to wake up from theirs, waiting for the dreams to be fulfilled even in their dreams, others have decided to borrow other people’s dreams, neglecting the salient fact, that what is borrowed is expected to be returned, and that what one borrows cannot be used as what one owns.

The question I want you to ask yourself as you read this is that, Is your dream really your dream? Or did you borrow that dream from someone because of his/her results? You have to be clear about what you are called to do in life, and follow that path passionately. It is an insult on yourself and your creator, to strive to be someone else.

Many folks, in their bid to follow worthy mentors/role models, forget that they are seperate individuals from their mentors and role models. Let me quickly say, that what you should learn are UNIVERSAL principles and apply them in your UNIQUE life. That guy is another individual, with seperate goals, dreams, and ambitions from yours, learn his principles, but follow your own path. A worthy mentor will berate you for trying to be like him/her. Admire the results, but learn the reasons for such results. Your life is not a continuation of another person’s life.


Some other folks just want money, and then they begin to copy the vocations that make more money. See, every talent is capable of yielding money, so develop yours, and become a pioneer in the business of that talent. Stop wasting time and other resources trying to copy others, and start investing time and other resources in developing your talent.

The painful aspect of this issue to me, is when individuals begin to desire the conditions or experiences of the people that are high achievers, so that they can get their results. Because the individual quit his/her job, they secretly want to quit their job, because the individual got married at a particular age, they secretly want to get married at that age, because the individual never had formal education, they secretly want to have same experience, or even drop out of school. Be yourself, there is a pathway to your destiny from wherever you are. Make decisions based on your unique dreams. Let me be very sincere, if you are a “homocopier”, you will never be the best at what you do, or even the second, third, or fourth best, because the one you are copying, may not even be at his own unique best.

We are all gifted, but most people haven’t and do not even want to open their packages!

Ikechukwu Nwosu

The Solution to all Problems

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KJV: For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.

Isaiah 9vs6


Hello friends, been a while. Thank you for visiting today!

All of what I want to say today is hinged on the first part of that scripture written by an ancient Israeli prophet, Isaiah. He wrote much of the prophecy about the Messiah that was to come from the tribe of Judah in Israel, specifically, the loins of King David. This is not our discussion today.

One blatant statement in that scripture is that, “the government shall be upon His shoulders…..”. I read that scripture, and I asked “What is a government?” A government is the machinery through which people are ruled; the management or control of a system. Jesus, the Messiah came to restore the order through which systems of all sectors of the world should operate on. He was before the begining, as the creative force of God, He was (and is) and essential part of the creation process. He knows how all things should operate, because “in Him, all things exist”. He has carefully documented His life, and the strategies for the operations of all systems throughout His 33-year lifespan in the Holy Scriptures. Study Him, and see solutions to all issues in life and government.

Ikechukwu Nwosu

Misplaced Priorities; The Cause of Loss

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People can, often times, get carried away with activities, ushering them into neglect for what really is needful and important. Truth is, we cannot perform all of the activities in out to-do list at once, hence, the need for proper delegation of time for our various activities.

I want to share some thoughts with you, hope you gain from them:

* You arrange activities in a scale of importance, not preference, because what you prefer may differ from what is important qnd relevant in a given period.

* Activities that their exiry dates/times is as close as your mouth is to your nose should be done first and quickly. Infact, you should not allow it to be that close, try to get the things done when their expiry dates/times are at “arm’s length”. If you fail to do this, itay cost you; just like missing an examination because you spent the night preparing for the examination, and then slept off when you were supposed to go for the examination, or missing your flight, or worse, not getting the ingredients to cook dinner ready, and it’s time for dinner.

* Activities that involve human life and death should be treated with utmost importance.

* Activities that build you, the people around you (society), and your nation up, should be done continually and continuously- EVERYDAY!

* What you can do at a later date/time should be put at a later date/time when you have something with as much importance/relevance to do. This is not to condone or support procastination, but it is to enhance better quality use of time.

If you do not prioritise your activities properly, you MUST lose, at least, your time, confidence on yourself, trustworthiness, and reliability. Go and Do what you ought to do!

Thank you for reading.

Remove Fear, Make It Happen!!!

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Hey there! How are you doing? Thanks for visiting today!

One truth I have found out is that, everyone wants to be great and successful. We all want to be celebrated, we want to be recognized, respected, and honoured in our society and the world at large. But few of the “everyone” actually get this DONE. Only a minority of the “everyone” accomplish all these.

What then is the hindrance? What is the reason why only few out of the many achieve these feats? What is the problem?

Fear is the hindrance. Most people are afraid of not being able to achieve it, some think they cannot achieve it, while some others are afraid of even achieving it. The last group are those who have the fear of success- they are afraid of maintaining success; they think they may not be able to continue to be successful. For this group, they better not go up, than to go up and come down again. My position then is, what makes them think that if they go up, they will come down. Do your best to be successful, truth is, what will come will come, and what will happen will happen. Hence, your actions (that you control) should be channeled towards being successful. We should be cautious and wise in our decision-making and action-taking.

Do not allow the fear of what will happen, make nothing happen. This fear can make you inactive, and at the end of the day, nothing happens. What if the reason for your fear never ever appears? Remove that “feeling” that something bad will, or wants to happen, and focus on accomplishing your goals. Take those steps, see that individual, walk into that office, write that song, write that book, go for that audition, start that business, create that group, just DO something that takes the ball out of your court!! Be cautious and wise in your actions and decisions.