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I do not claim to be African.
You have ɛyes and can sɛɛ that my Skin glows amd shines
Like the black soil of my father’s farm.
And my lips receede African chants,
The spiritely screams and the stories of arts.
My palm itself bear african marks-
Carvings that depict my African start.
And my hood breeds African hearts
Brave and strong willed African kids.

I do not claim to be African.
You can hear my lingua franca:
The words that my mouth exudes,
The songs that my heart vomits through my buccal cavity,
All Africanish and not spanish.
And when I am famished, I pluck frɛɛly from Africa’s rich vegetation
And nourish my African Body.

I do not claim to be African.
Can’t you tell a story by merely staring at them?
Won’t you caress my thoughts through this bloodshot African balls?

I do…

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Words that should NEVER get out of your mouth

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The part of the brain that controls speech has been discovered to have a lot of influence over the other parts of the brain. We can say that it is the most prominent. What you say, will be acted upon by all other parts of the body, hence one should speak right always (to ourselves and others).

These words should never be heard by your ear from your mouth, do not even entertain the thought of saying them!!!

“I can’t”

Think about these words as you read them, “You have the potential of DOING only what you THINK or SAY you can do.” No matter how talented or gifted you are in anything, if you think or say to yourself long enough that you can’t do that thing, you will never be able to do it. Words are just so powerful, you have to use them wisely, and for your benefit and benefit of those around you.
I will not undermine the fact that in certain areas or specialities where we have little or no expertise, we may not be able to do things that require professional brains in that area. What I am really passionate about is that stuff you can pull off, but just for one reason or the other, you “feel” or “think” and then “say” you can’t pull it off. Hey friends, you can!!!

“I’m not…”

Most times, people say I’m not this, I’m not that; using it as an excuse not to do what they are supposed to do, are capable of doing, and can do. You do not have to be anybody to do what YOU can do. You do not have to be anybody to do what YOU need to do.

We always like to push the responsibility to people or things, thus, saying “I’m not this or that, and this or that is supposed to do this thing, hence it is not my duty or responsibility to do it.” You are a unique DESIGNER-MADE by God, not a fake of someone or something else. We are ALL unique!!!

Let not these unwholesome talk come out of your mouth friends, you can do anything you set your heart and mind to do, and you do not need to be anybody to get it done!!!

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How are you CREATING the STORY that will CREATE your DESTINY?

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Your stories The strength, exploits, defeat and downfall of men and women are always in their stories. The strength of our stories is the programs installed inside of us to either propel us into greater heights or prepare us for abyss of life. I have come to know that the nuisance value and relevance of men alike are found in their stories. Over the years, I have learnt that every man is as good as his stories and how much of it he is able to understand, interpret, explore or deactivate for his benefits. Everyone has a story, and the content of that story is the determinant of how they act or don’t act. It’s called programs.

Programs, installed by stories have a life of their own. They have the underrated power to move from the past to form the presence. Programs are created either deliberately or by default to live forever…

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Lessons from Isaac Newton’s First law of motion

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Sir Isaac Newton, one of the world’s foremost scientist that have ever lived gave three laws as regards motion, and the first of which we will be considering it’s application today.

The law states that, an object remains at rest or moves at a constant velocity until it is being acted upon by a force.

What this means is that, it will take a force or ACTION to make things happen. Events, situations, circumstances, challenges, and everything that happens in your life, is at the mercy of your decisions (to act).

There is nothing like indecision, you only DECIDE to do nothing- that too is a form of ACTION. You act to STOP a thing, act to START a thing, or act to PROMOTE a thing. Doing nothing is ACTING to SUPPORT the status quo.

Abraham Lincoln said, “the only way evil prevails over good is when good men decide to do nothing.” My dear, read that quote again please. Evil prevails over good, because good men DO NOTHING. Hence, doing nothing, supports what is happening.

If you are really tired of what’s going on in your life, you will do something about it, because when you do nothing, nothing happens. I mean NO-THING!!!

If you do not like the way your life is GOING, you ACT to STOP what’s happening. If you want something to START happening in your life, you ACT to BEGIN it.

I say it again, EVERYTHING that concerns you, is at the mercy of your DECISIONS.

Be ACTIVE friends, be ACTIVE. Start to achieve what you want to achieve. Stop WORRYING and start DOING!!!

Three things your mind can do for you – part III

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The concluding part of this three-part article……..

It determines your maturity level

Maturity is not seniority, it is sensibility, and ability to take responsibility.

You must realize that your mind – the level of growth of your mind – is how mature you are. Again, the importance of positive thinking is found here. “Ideas are buried in the mind, they are not to be developed” were the words of Aristotle, one of the famous philosophers of mankind. People spend countless number of hours on a daily basis in front of a television, gaining nothing, others in front of a computer, playing games or surfing the internet gaining nothing at all. The point I’m trying to make here is that, you should not engage yourself too much in activities that will not profit you more.

The surest and easiest way to have peace of mind, and ideas for making sound decisions, is through positive thinking. Engage your mind, and you grow in every sphere of your life.

Take for instance, someone that spends four hours a day in front of the televeision gaining nothing, by the time he is sixty, he would have wasted ten years of his life in front of the television. This is a wake up call to everyone; imagine ten wasted years, and you never knew!!! We must set priorities and do everything that need to be done (things that will profit you) first.

How mature you are, depends on how sound your judgements and decisions are, and this too is dependent on how developed your mind is – through adequate information and positive thinking.

One love!!!

Three things your mind can do for you – Part II

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Continued from yesterday…………..

It determines how healthy you are

It has been proven scientifically that seventy percent of the sickness and diseases faced in the world today, are psychosomatic (they originate from the mind).

These diseases have their foundation in worry and unhappiness rather than physical factors. Therefore, the kind of things you think of determines how healthy you are. Health authorities define sickness are an individual’s subjective response to a (disease) condition.

If you decide to go down to the root of some sicknesses, you will discover with me that, it is as a result of worry, unhappiness, and frustration. It is a heart at peace that give life to the body, and health to our bones.

You must therefore, guard your heart and mind by positive thinking so that you will continually and continuously be refreshed with new ideas and hope of making it.

The brain controls whatever you do and think of, it takes conclusion on the particular issue, sends it’s response to all parts of the body and these body parts begin to function as a result of that response. When this response is negative, your body begins to function negatively and improperly, and when your body begin to function improperly, you are said to be sick. This is why you must think positively at all times!!!

Watch what you think of, your health is at stake!!!

We will conclude tomorrow. Stay connected. One love!!

Three things your mind can do for you

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The mind of man, according to Stan Toler, is man’s greatest asset. It is our home of memory, reasoning, imagination, and decision making. Infact, the mind controls our life!!!

The first thing I want to to talk about today that the mind can do for you is…

It shapes your life

You must know that whatever happens in your today, is due to the decisions you have taken yesterday, and whatever decision you make today, will determine how your tomorrow will look like. This is why you must strive to always make the right decisions so that your life will not be without form!!!

Nineteen year-old Liu Shih Kun was an esteemed concert pianist in China until the cultural Revolution banned all things of Western influence. Refusing to renounce his beloved music, Liu was deemed an enemy of the people, beaten and imprisoned. There he languished in a tiny cell with no book, pen, or worst still, no piano!!! Six years later, for propaganda reasons, he was asked to play in Beijing with the Philadelphia Orchestra; he played brilliantly, and even eighteen months after, when he was released, he played flawlessly. That he was able to play flawlessly even without a piano, and that his hands were able to move as if he had not stopped playing for over seven years, his secrets? He disciplined himself to shut out negative thoughts and practice every hour on an imaginary piano. He refused to let the thought of being in a tiny cell limit him or to allow negative things go across his mind, but set his mind on rehearsing with a piano that he cannot see or hear!!!

You must realize that when everything seem to be against you, you must make your mind work for you. There is a law in psychology that says, “if you form a picture in your mind of what you would like to be and you keep and hold that picture long enough, you will soon become exactly ass you have been thinking.” It all happens in the mind.

All you would ever and can ever be is determined by how much you put your mind to work. Never ever ever allow your mind to harbour negative thoughts. A well respected counsellor said, “We do not realize the extent to which our thinking contribute to our mental anguish.”

Be a positive thinker, and watch positivity surround your life!!!