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Happy New Year!
It’s been more than a while really. Just enjoy this post and be inspired.


Well, it’s a good thing to want a good thing-to want to be the best at what you do, or what you are aspiring to do. I’m just here to make you rethink that thought.

The term best, is a superlative function of a CLASS, that is, whenever BEST is mentioned, it is always defined by a class. That’s why the word “in” always follows this phrase “He is the best….”. One cannot talk about being the best without stating the class where that “best” is attained. You can be the best in mathematics, singing, football, acting, or whatever, or the best in Nigeria, Africa, or even the world. But note this, if your class exists, other classes exist also. And the bar for accruing best-ness in another class may be so high, that you- the best in your class- will be a minute entity when in that class.

This is what I’m proposing; if you struggle to be the best, that’s what you’ll be doing for the rest of your life- struggling!! Because you’ve placed yourself in the box of society created class, locked up that box, and have swallowed the key! You’ve left the measurement of your fulfillment in the hands of the society- bunch of people who don’t even know why you are here!! Being the best is good, but there’s something better….

It’s being YOUR BEST. See, there’s no one like you in all the earth. This is not some motivational mumbling to elate you, it is truth and truth is a living entity. You’re so unique, that if you decide to be(ing) your best, you become incomparable- you bring out the key to that box of society created class, open the box, and get out!! You get out to express yourself, to express your core, to be powerful. Trust me there’s no struggling here, just expression of inherent capacities. This way, you are not concerned with what to achieve or who to surpass, but with expressing the “best-ness” that you are made of. Society will still try to place you in a class when you’re doing this, but guess what? You cannot be placed because you’ll continually and continuously give her reason to review that placement. Your potential for productivity and fulfilment is inexhaustibly and unlimitedly limitless!! Your potential and mine is unimaginably bigger than imaginable- it is bigger than what we think they are!

You’ve got to choose between THE BEST and YOUR BEST, but choose YOUR BEST, I beseech thee!

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