The Perfect Time vs The Right Time

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There is a difference between the “perfect moment” and the “right time” to perform an activity (some may say that difference is small- a thin line- others will say it is big- a chasm). Albeit, we must understand that these two phrases have different meanings (at least to me) and I’ll show you why and how:

When we say, “I am waiting for the perfect moment to write this article” (sorry, I am a writer), we are actually saying, I’m waiting for the moment with no resistance when I can write this article. It sounds like that’s not the meaning, but the truth is that it really is, and it hurts our thoughts (I wonder why the truth hurts). Waiting for the perfect moment is like waiting for the battle to be over before lifting your weapon. You must always be faced with resistance in this space-time reality; you can’t even walk without it! You can do nothing without resistance. You must exude a force that makes it possible to set anything in motion- to start anything or do anything. Laws are proven and “re-proven” (don’t mind that language) hypotheses and laws, and one of such is Isaac Newton’s second law of motion which says for every action, there’s an equal but opposite reaction. My dear, it is a waste of time to wait for the perfect moment to do anything- there is none! Resistance is an essential force of life; try walking on a surface with very little or no resistance, you’ll either fall or sink depending on the texture of the materials that make up that surface. What then should one do? One must exude a force that is greater than the force of the resistor (I never knew I was this good in You must develop the capacity and the system that is able to generate this greater force.

On the other hand, the right time is the moment where the events and persons (stakeholders in that project or activity) possess the minimum level of readiness to execute that project. Sometimes, (or many times) one has to influence and expedite this readiness; this is the essence of leadership. Someone said, “Do not wait for the perfect moment, take the moment and make it perfect”. I’ll say, Take any moment and make it perfect! It is your amount of readiness that is the largest determinant of the rightness of time for that project. I think this is the time (in this article) to talk about SMART goals. If you are reading this, chances are you already know about them. So, if you like to plan and “overplan” like me, just make sure that after careful consideration (that’s my “overplanning” self, speaking again) it is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and very importantly, Time-bound.

Now, there’s also the wrong time to get a project done (started). That’s why I said, the right time is the time when the events and persons possess the minimum level of readiness to execute a project. For example, now, that the naira to dollar ratio is around 1:400, may not the best time to keep buying goods in bulk (if you’re an importer that buys in dollars). Your customers may not understand the naira-dollar quagmire, or they may not want to purchase now, if they feel they can do without the products for a while. Hey, it may be the best time, if after careful research and study, you find out that the ratio will still increase, and your customers’ need (demand) for those products will increase with it.

In the end, I think you’ll know when you are wasting time (waiting for the perfect moment).

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