What On Earth Am I Here For?

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AMP: I do not ask that You will take them out of the world, but that You will keep and protect them from the evil one.
John 17vs15


Hello, good day, and Happy Sunday!

When I saw this in the scriptures, it ushered me into certain thoughts, the products of which I’ll share today.

That was part of a prayer made by Jesus Christ for His disciples, as the time for His crucifixion drew near. He was, as you have seen, telling God not to take His disciples away from the earth, but just to deliver them from the evil one. Then I asked, what for? Why is it important that we be left here? It’s clear, God created us for dominion; we are to reign on earth just as God reigns in heaven. God brought us here to dominate in our different fields. He wants us to do very well in our various disciplines, because therein lies His glory. He said that men will see our “good works” and glorify Him.

I want to urge you today, not to be too heavenly conscious that you become earthly useless. Some folks spend all their lives, planning to get to heaven, leaving behind the reason why God placed them on earth in the first place. You are a “MEAL” that God has prepared to SERVE this HUNGRY world. You are a solution provider in the office, church, school, and all sectors/disciplines in the world. Just FIND what you are here for, and START doing it. There are things you CAN and LOVE to do that will benefit the society, starting doing them!!! It doesn’t sound like something from God, to allow someone live 70years for the SOLE PURPOSE of dying and going to heaven.

Do what you can and have to do now!!! That’s what God expects of you. One love!



Three things I learnt this week

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Hello friends, today I’ll be sharing three lessons I learnt just this week. Out of the numerous things I have learnt and is learning this week, I’ll share this important three. Fly with me!!!


Never accept a job/gig you are not prepared for:

In one of my posts- Prepare for glory I opened up to us the need for us not to wait for our “future” but prepare for it. Also, I moved further to say that the future is not a place or time far from us, but the result of our daily activities. What happens when you are given the opportunity to make your business proposal (by displaying your skills and talents) and you have nothing prepared to display? The lessons here are: If you are not ready for it, do not take it. It’s no point accepting a job when you know you cannot perform. Just reject it!!! The second lesson is that, do something everyday that is commensurate with your perceived “future”. Do something everyday that can and will take you to where you want to be.

When the expectations of you are high, too high for your capacity, just reject it dear. Do not put yourself in disgrace because you are trying to please another person. If you are not capable of doing something now, state it, and don’t accept the job!!!

Be focused at all times

No matter what happens, keep your head in the game, and your eyes on the goal. Distraction really are what you get when you take your eyes off the goal. The goal is ahead of you, and if you take your eyes off it because of distractions, you will fall.

Give up when necessary

Please, before you throw a bomb at me, let me say what I meant. When you discover that what you are doing is not what you are supposed to do, then I suggest you give up. We are all unique, and if you are not in your PLACE, there’s not much you can do. So, quit!! Not just quit, but quit and begin what you are really passionate about. I’m not saying you quit when things are not working out, but quit when you realize you are not in your place, and are not prepared for the job/gig.

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A man was preparing to go out one day when his 5-year old son came into the room, wanting to play with him. He tried telling the lad to stop, that this is not the time, and that he needs to go out now, and if his son continues, he might go late. It was as if his words were falling in deaf ears, because the boy did not stop.

In a bid to get the youngster, busy so that he’ll have time to dress up and go out, he got one of his magazines that has a puzzle in it. In that puzzle, the map of the world was divided into different parts, and scattered, hence, to solve that puzzle, one has to fix the map of the world, with each part in its proper position. He gave it to his son, and told him to solve the puzzle, and get a gift. The boy took the magazine, and hurried to his room to start work for his gift.

Three (3) minutes later, the boy was back, with the puzzle solved!!! The father, in utter amazament, asked his son how he got to solve the puzzle in record time. Then the boy gave a reply that is very inspiring. He said, “Behind this puzzle is another puzzle, but the second puzzle was the body of a man, so I said to myself ‘if I can fix the man puzzle, then I would have been able to fix the world puzzle’ so I proceeded to fix the man puzzle which was easier.”

We strive so hard to change the world, but we fail to discover that it is easier to change the man, one at a time, than to try to change the world. As a matter of fact, you cannot change the world, you can only change yourself, and help the people around you or connected to you do the same.

Pinky and Brain in the famous cartoon, “The Pinky and the Brain” has never, and will never succeed in their quest to take over the world, because Pinky has not himself, been influenced by what they want to influence the world with. The change has not taken place in him yet, so he always thwarts their plans, and bring them down at the brink of success (Well, that’s why many of us see the cartoon anyway).

Quit waiting for an opportunity to reach the world with the solutions you have to her problem, and start the solution with yourself, then give it out to the people around you. With this, you have started a solution providing programme for the world!!


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It was a beautiful friday morning, the blazing yellow rays of d sun resting on my ebony skin as I walked to the lecture theatre. I had a class for 8am, and that was the only class for that day. It was a course titled “Guidance and Counselling”.

After walking a few minutes, I finally got to the lecture theatre, which was almost filled with my coursemates. I quickly located a seat, and sank into it, bringing out my note and my pen from my bag, and trying to relax. As all these were going on, our lecturer walked in, and everyone adjusted themselves. He greeted “Goodmorning students”, and the about 200 students in that hall replied, “Goodmorning sir”.

He continued by asking how the soon to be concluded week had been, and we all answered, (yeah you guessed right), “Fine sir”. He proceeded by introducing the topic for the day to us, it was VOCATIONAL GUIDANCE. Then he went further to define what a vocation is, and he started with these words, “A vocation is a career or calling. It is derived from the Latin word ‘vocare’ which means ‘to call’.” As soon as I heard the last two words of the last sentence, I began thinking, and my thoughts were in question forms. They were:

1. Who does the calling?
2. Where are we called to?
3. Why are we called?
4. How can I get to where I am called to?

I want you to ponder on these questions later, but I’ll to share my thoughts with you. We all feel the need to achieve something, something unique that will make our lives and names respected in the society. This need arises because of “the call”. We have all been called by God to meet a unique need in this world, and the very fact that we are still alive means that we have not completed our journey to “the call” (although, this does not suggest that all dead people actually started the journey to this call or completed it). Each individual, rich or poor, tall or short, physically challenged or not, have a unique purpose and destination- this is why we are here. We can only get to that destination by engaging in activities that “the call” attracts. How can we know what the call attracts? Purpose determines design, hence, activities that are in line with your talents, are activities that “the call” attracts. Discover, Develop, and Display your talents for the benefit of the society, and you are on your journey to “the call”. Keep doing this, and you will get there.

Please note that when I say “the call” I am talking to you, a unique individual. “The call” for you, is different from “the call” for me.

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Yesterday’s post was about our lives being programmed by God for enjoyment. And I remember saying that its now in our hands to make sure the joyful program is carried out. The ball is now in our court whether to accept this great life or live our lives out of our own freewill.

I once heard the story of a man and his family who were travelling by ship to a very distant town. The man had struggled to pay for the ticket for him and his family, thus he had no more money with him for other expenses. He carried some biscuits that he and his family would be eating throughout their journey because he did not have any money to buy food from the canteen in the ship. So, day by day when people go to eat in the canteen, this man would take his family to a corner in the ship, and they would be cracking their biscuits in their mouths, stressing their veins and muscles. A few days to the end of the journey, another man walking around during eating time, saw this family still eating the last of their buscuits, and out of curiousity asked why they were eating biscuits when there is enough food in the canteen. Then the man replied “We have no money to buy food.” The other man looked with surprise and said to him “You do not need to buy food, you have paid for the food when you bought the ticket for this journey!!!”

This story shows how many of us live our lives, we live, neglecting what we already have, thinking we are not qualified to have them. This man was ignorant of what he was entitled to, but that is how some of us are. We think we are being free when we refuse to accept our original nature given us by God, and choose to be what we want for ourselves. Not knowing that we never function effectively in life out of our own freewill, except of the will of our manufacturer- God, and then make His will ours.

God has predetermined our lives for joy, but we are not free to do our wills- to accept or not.

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I thought it all began when I was born
I later found that to be false
Then I said “it definitely started when I was conceived”
Those words were not correct too!!
Maybe it all started as a thought in my parents’ minds
Well, that’s not correct either

After much thinking and brainstorming
I now have it all figured out
At least, part of everything about me
All my life has been preplanned
Even up to every second of my days
They have been arranged, even before my birth
I existed before I came on earth
Not as anything, but as a thought in God’s mind
He carefully wrote the program of my life down
Then He made me, and inserted my life into me
All my days have been figured out by God
I need not worry about anything
He’s planned riches, honour, wisdom, splendour
Greatness, glory, dominion, peace, and prosperity
For all my days and years
I was programmed to enjoy in life
Its now in my hands to enjoy all these
I only need to believe in, and accept God!!!
Life really is good!!!


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“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

One of the limitting factors of humans is the tendency to go the way others have gone. If we go the way others have gone, we will end up how they ended up! Then the world will be without development. Where we are today is as a result of the inputs of those before us, and where we will be tomorrow will be as a result of our own input today. It is a good thing that we are here today, but it will be even better that we leave this place for someplace better.

Each individual is created for a unique purpose, and no two individuals have the same purposes. There is a need in this world that made God brought you here, there is something God has empowered you alone to fulfill, and it is the greatest failure of all time if you do not fulfill it. Let us stop this endless pursuit of the vocations that have the highest amount of money, fame, or power, and pursue our own purposes- what we were DESIGNED to be. You and I know what we can do with the highest amount of passion, joy, and fulfillment; it will be best if we start doing it now, no matter how low it may seem. Football many years ago was not a lucrative or recognized sport, but today the story has changed, with even non-footballers claiming to have the footballing talent because it now pays more and is highly recognized.

Discover your design (talents), not what you think, what people say you have, or what has the highest amount of money, fame, or power, but what gives you joy when doing it, and what you can actually do without being paid. Then watch people beg to pay you for what you are passionate about. Find YOUR path in life, the one laid out for you by God, even when men do not see it yet, keep walking in it, you are leaving a trail with your footprints that can never be erased. Anything you start, keep at it until it becomes prosperous, and then, keep improving until you die.

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