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To put this together the way I want, I have to ask a lot of questions. I have to consider a lot of stuff and consult with few folks- those fellas at the geriatric homes. You have to have maximum level of endurance, tolerance, and patience energy domiciled in you before speaking with them. They prefer to use their own language and old fashioned style of speaking, but love to use new methods that will make them stay alive. Not that I even got what I wanted after these consultations and meetings. I think I’ll just settle for what I can get at this time. Despite the technology to boost their memory, they couldn’t remember a thing. Those memories have wandered into oblivion- to nothingness.

Kylie is a beautiful lady; she’s six months, twelve days, six hours, forty two minutes, and thirteen seconds older than I am. I wouldn’t have lasted this far in life without her. She taught me most of the things I know, and is always helping me get my stuff done. Her wisdom is rare, and her strength is unmatched anywhere in the world. Say I’m being sentimental, that’s your opinion. Today, she’s walking down the aisle to be joined with me. I’ve always anticipated this day since she said “Yes I will marry you Femi”. I recorded those sound waves in the hard drive of my brain, playing them every day immediately I get up, before I rest, and anytime I’m not talking. She speaks of me as being collected, dapper, and humorous. She added “Carer” to my name, saying I care too much. Anytime I think of how much she appreciates me, there’s always this smile that’s planted in my face, making my lips stretch almost to my ears.

As I stood by the beach, the priest standing in a position to me that will make our arms form a right angled triangle if we were to stretch them out from our position. I smiled as I saw Kylie walk down. A tear dropped down my right eye as I watched the love of my life walk towards me, to become my wife in a matter of minutes.  I was lost in that ambience so much that I didn’t notice she was already in position until I heard the voice of the Priest, “Femi, do you take Kylie here to be your lawfully wedded wife, to love and cherish, until you both are no more?” “Yes, I’ll always do” was my reply. He repeated the same question to Kylie, and she answered in the affirmative. We were asked to say our voiced. “Her love is a force, one so strong; it leaves me breathless at her sight. Like the force around a dead star, more than a billion times the sun, pulling me into a black hole of unfathomable depths of affection- in fact, bottomless. I’m hoping we explode in this hole of togetherness. I’ll forever love you Kylie.” “How do you explain his bright eyes? Where do you find words to describe eyes that are still bright even after many reflections? They keep shining long after he is out of sight. How do you explain his creative mouth? That conducts, convects and radiates life. Energy proceeds from him like a machine with an unending supply of fuel. Like a dam with endless flow of water. Like a turbine, constantly receiving air. I’ll flow with you Femi to the end of time. Love you.” I could see the audience clapping, many crying, others smiling, some doing both. Everyone present felt the love. “I now pronounce you man and wife”, said the priest. “You may kiss your bride.” Without hesitation, I planted a kiss, and I could see she felt every inch of everything my mouth was made of in that one implantation. She reciprocated, and for two minutes we were on the kissing journey.  It was one of the best moments of my life, one I made sure I kept in my brain.

The wedding was over, and everyone left for their various engagements. As I lay on my bed, I felt her arms cuddle me, she asked me to keep my eyes shut as she straddled me and gave the most passionate sex I’ve ever had, that left me moaning and groaning like one releasing urine from an overflowing bladder. Well, this is my first sex anyway. With climax, I uploaded my genetic content to her portal on IncubateMe website where her eggs were waiting to be fertilized, and I was sure in six months our baby will be born. This sex suit from e-sex is the best invention ever. You can actually have sex with your spouse from wherever you are, no matter where he/she is. Today is 14th February 2394. The day the first marriage between robots took place in the history of the world. My wife is an Australian cook, and I am a Nigerian Drycleaner and Launderer. We married from our different locations with 294 million humans and 620 million robots in attendance from all over the world, thanks to e-weddings of MarriageHub.