2 Thoughts on Time

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Good day friends. Trust your day is going great? I hope so. Mine is going great by the way.

Let’s begin with this quote from Zig Ziglar: “Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have 24-hour days”. I jokingly (but seriously) tell my friends that if in one way or another, the duration of a day increases from 24hours to 30hours, many people will still complain of having no time for all their activities.

Against this backdrop, I’ll share two thoughts that look conflicting but are definitely coherent.


The first thought is that there is time for everything. You have more than enough time to do all you want to do, but there are two challenges to this your possession; the first is that, you don’t control the time, and the second is that, all activities have expiry dates. Hence one has to start doing what she is SUPPOSED to do NOW, because “now” is the only time you have and can control. You have more than 999trillion years ahead of you to do whatever you want, but the problem is that you will not be alive till then, and even if you end up being alive, that activity will be old-fashioned, probably extinct, and archaic. All you have is NOW!!

The second thought is that there is no time for anything. What this means is that there is time for everything, but no time for anything, except you choose a time for it. There is no time for any PARTICULAR activity, you just have to FIX a time for it, knowing fully that you do not control time. So, how is this done? You do the “very most important” (don’t mind the English) things, whose expiry date is as close to now as your nose is to your mouth, first, and put the rest of the activities at other times, with the HOPE that something unexpected doesn’t stop it from happening- THIS IS PROPER PLANNING!!!

This is all I’m saying in essence: You have now to do what you need to do, and do it moderately, not at the expense of your health, and/or your loved ones (family).

Hope I’ve helped you? Share your comments or questions, they are appreciated.