“What one thing would you like to solve in your country if you had the power?” – My Response

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Hello Friends,

So I was asked that question recently, and this is what I responded with. Enjoy!


Information is the most formidable adversary to the underdevelopment of any society. It will, at any time, defeat underdevelopment just as light defeats darkness. As a matter of fact, darkness is not an entity itself, it’s what we get in the absence of light, just as cold is the absence of (enough) heat. We have heard many times, and we even agree with the statement, “If you are not informed you will be deformed”. This statement is true both literarily and figuratively, as information is the number one weapon against the crippling effect of underdevelopment.

Information is light, that’s why it’s always linked with “enlightenment”. Absence of information takes us back to the “dark- age” which was ended by the emergence of the Industrial Revolution that was predicated on access to information.

I would ensure literacy- mass literacy- and by literacy I do not mean ability to read and write. I mean ability to understand oneself and one’s world. What I mean by “one’s world” is both the people and things that one relates with in particular, and the global community in general. Mass literacy is human capacity development, it is ensuring that persons are capable physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually, of generating societal development.

The purpose of Education is to bring out inherent qualities, whilst transferring needed skills, knowledge, and attitudes from the educator to the learner. Information dissemination is the essence of education, and this will achieve two general things: It will fuel individual uniqueness that will breed innovation (and personal and national development), and it will transfer essential attributes for global citizenship.

Other things mass literacy will achieve are: improved quality of life, prevention of diseases, and sustainable development. These are the solutions I’ll (continue to) create as I attract greater influence and power.

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How to change the world

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For centuries and millennia, many well-meaning people have wanted to change the world- wanted mankind to have good relationships with each other, wanted the problems of poverty, corruption, and crime to end, and wanted to sit peace and love on the throne of life. In search of a solution, man invented different types of religion meant to teach morality, others began to philosophize, and some others just sit back and wish things would change, or wish they were never born.

From time immemorial, efforts have been made to bring peace and morality to the world- to change the world. Our only problem is that we focused too much on the whole of mankind, neglecting the individual near us. “Love your neighbour as yourself” is what I call “How ought a man to live”, and this is how to change the world. It does not have to be a thousand, a million, or a billion people that you reach, just reach out to a man in a thousand, million, or billion, ways, teach that man to do same to other persons, and reachout to the next man. Be of help to the people in your life, advocate for peace and justice, smile always, do not cheat or fraud, just love. This is not to say that you shouldn’t take part in humanitarian services, as a matter of fact, it is to say that you perform humanitarian services in the most effective way. Join red cross, join rescue missions, join educational outreaches, give to NGO’s, do all you can to be of help, in any (legal) way you can.

Much important also, is to take care of your environment. I am a Health Educator by profession and I MUST advocate for this. Do not dispose wastes in drainages, canals, streams, rivers, oceans, or on the road, clear bushes around you, change the engine oil regularly in your machines and automobiles to avoid very harmful gas emissions, and encourage others to do all of these.

The Love of our MAKER empowers us to love our neighbours as ourselves- Love God!! This is the “most excellent way”.

Let us change the world, one man, and one place at a time, with LOVE.

Share your thoughts on other ways to change our world and our nations, they will be useful. One love!!

My fight with Martins: Do not just ACT, ACHIEVE!!!

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I was prompted to write this piece when I remembered, as a boy, how I got into a fight with another boy in my school. As a matter of fact, my classmate. From all indications, I should be able to knock this guy out with my chubby fists because I was considerable bigger than him. Right now, I cannot remember what caused the fight, but I vividly remember what happened during the fight. As I write, the video recorder in my brain still has, and is playing the events of that day to me.

When we started fighting, this young, short boy was throwing punches to me: all over my face my body, and this big Ikechukwu was just there, in front of him, receiving punches, and stopping the ones I could. I never threw a punch!! This boy beat me so well that throughout that day, I was the laughing stock of the people around.

How come this big me, the one who could have easily won that fight, loose without even getting a punch on my opponent’s face? I have the answer for that now. I never knew that winning a fight (in school) has everything to do with getting your punches to the opponent at the right place, and at the right time, sufficient to leave him/her in more pain than you; and making sure you receive no or little punches from your opponent. How I wish I knew this then, I would not have fought that fight, or if I did, I would have focused all my strength in throwing ACCURATE punches and hindering his punches from getting to me. Bottom line is, I was just MOVING about in that battle, with my hands covering my face and chest, receiving blows on my stomach, hands, and some on my “covered” face and chest. I was ACTING but never ACHIEVING.

It is not enough to do something, you have to have an OBJECTIVE for that action, and channel your energy to transforming that objective to achievement. “Effort does not necessarily mean you are effective” says T.D Jakes. When you work, work with an objective in mind, and when that objective is transformed to achievement, SET ANOTHER (HIGHER) OBJECTIVE!!! Don’t just do business because you want money, do it because, you want a SPECIFIC AMOUNT of money by the end of 3months or 6months or 12months, and then raise the bar when this is achieved. Don’t save for the “rainy day” only, save because you want to procure an asset!! Don’t go to school because it is part of socialization alone, go to school (formal or non-formal) because you want to learn (and be trained). Get an objective, achieve it!!!

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