HOME, WORK: Creating a balance between your career and your family

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I’ll begin this post with this quote I extracted from one of T.D Jakes’ book: REPOSITION YOURSELF. It says, “It is the home that you are working to build; work is just the tool to build it.” A lot of problems have ensued, and ultimately, broken many homes, and tracing the causes of these breakups, we discover that in one way or the other, work has played a vital role in it. The home is the first agent of socialization/social institution that a child is exposed to, and it is from here that the individual (or child) develops qualities that he/she carries throughout life. Whether you were born in a manger, on the street, beside a dump site, in a hospital, in a sitting room or bedroom, in a cave, or in a maximum security prison, the underlying truth is that you were born into a family, and the family you grew up with and the family you adopted (or adapted to), have, or are playing a role in the person you are, the school you attend, and the place you work.

Your family is that group, persons, or person that supported your dreams and ambitions because they want to see you grow. Not grow away from them, but grow WITH them. I say again, that thing that is taking you away from your family, is actually a tool that is supposed to take you WITH your family. No job or business is as important as the people that helped you get there- your family.

What is my point? My point is that, no matter what you do, you do it because of your family. Whether you are still in school or having a form of education, have a job, or a business, you are out there for your family. Whatever you do, you do to build your family, not tear them apart. Be careful not to grow apart of your family, thinking you are growing up to help them. Read this out loud to yourself, My family does not “need” my money, they need ME!! Always get your family involved in whatsoever you do, keep the connection alive, never fly away from their position without carrying them along. It’s not about having a vacation every six months, it’s about having a connection EVERYDAY.

We just have to put our jobs, businesses, and career in their right place: they are tools to build our family. Your family prefers to spend the worst times WITH you, than to spend the prosperous times WITHOUT you. That you have series of meetings and events should not be an excuse for not hanging out and connecting with your “pals” (friends and family).

Children become lonely due to non-presence of, and lack of adequate information from parents, leading to them being exposed to all sorts of negative information that can destroy their productivity in life; teenagers become socially maladjusted, leading to their involvement in social vices, and youthful exuberant behaviours, they may also fight with parents and teachers; fathers and mothers “grow” tired of each other and resort to BREAKing UP, because they all grew away from each other, thinking they were growing up. If your growing up does not include your family- people that matter in your life- then you are not growing up, you are only GROWING APART.

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