The Perfect Time vs The Right Time

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There is a difference between the “perfect moment” and the “right time” to perform an activity (some may say that difference is small- a thin line- others will say it is big- a chasm). Albeit, we must understand that these two phrases have different meanings (at least to me) and I’ll show you why and how:

When we say, “I am waiting for the perfect moment to write this article” (sorry, I am a writer), we are actually saying, I’m waiting for the moment with no resistance when I can write this article. It sounds like that’s not the meaning, but the truth is that it really is, and it hurts our thoughts (I wonder why the truth hurts). Waiting for the perfect moment is like waiting for the battle to be over before lifting your weapon. You must always be faced with resistance in this space-time reality; you can’t even walk without it! You can do nothing without resistance. You must exude a force that makes it possible to set anything in motion- to start anything or do anything. Laws are proven and “re-proven” (don’t mind that language) hypotheses and laws, and one of such is Isaac Newton’s second law of motion which says for every action, there’s an equal but opposite reaction. My dear, it is a waste of time to wait for the perfect moment to do anything- there is none! Resistance is an essential force of life; try walking on a surface with very little or no resistance, you’ll either fall or sink depending on the texture of the materials that make up that surface. What then should one do? One must exude a force that is greater than the force of the resistor (I never knew I was this good in You must develop the capacity and the system that is able to generate this greater force.

On the other hand, the right time is the moment where the events and persons (stakeholders in that project or activity) possess the minimum level of readiness to execute that project. Sometimes, (or many times) one has to influence and expedite this readiness; this is the essence of leadership. Someone said, “Do not wait for the perfect moment, take the moment and make it perfect”. I’ll say, Take any moment and make it perfect! It is your amount of readiness that is the largest determinant of the rightness of time for that project. I think this is the time (in this article) to talk about SMART goals. If you are reading this, chances are you already know about them. So, if you like to plan and “overplan” like me, just make sure that after careful consideration (that’s my “overplanning” self, speaking again) it is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and very importantly, Time-bound.

Now, there’s also the wrong time to get a project done (started). That’s why I said, the right time is the time when the events and persons possess the minimum level of readiness to execute a project. For example, now, that the naira to dollar ratio is around 1:400, may not the best time to keep buying goods in bulk (if you’re an importer that buys in dollars). Your customers may not understand the naira-dollar quagmire, or they may not want to purchase now, if they feel they can do without the products for a while. Hey, it may be the best time, if after careful research and study, you find out that the ratio will still increase, and your customers’ need (demand) for those products will increase with it.

In the end, I think you’ll know when you are wasting time (waiting for the perfect moment).

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Trust: The Human Capital

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Okay, good day friends. Let’s go……

I write today because of the deplorable state of human relationships I see everywhere (especially in my surrounding). It’s difficult to believe that someone would not want to cheat you, that someone will not intentionally hurt you, that there’s nobody that wants your downfall. Many people see everyother person as enemies, thus treating them as such. This has profound impact on our character that we tend to want to hurt others even before we “think” they would hurt us. You can no longer discuss a business idea with someone who has the financial capacity to see it through, without him/her thinking you are a con. Seriously, I get tired of things like this.

Even husbands and wives do not trust each other with THEIR money. Brothers, sisters, and other kinsmen and women are gradually becoming enemies, all thanks to LACK OF TRUST. People cheat on their spouse because they “think” their spouse is, our would cheat on them later, so they better cheat now to keep the score tied. Paranoia everywhere; “you think I want to hurt you, and I think you want to hurt me” syndrome is gaining grounds almost everywhere today.

Give people the benefit of the doubt (hey, I’m not saying you should be gullible, I’m just saying that if you find no reason to doubt them, don’t). You yourself, be trustworthy. Let’s all learn to make little deposits in our trust account with others. When you make a promise, fulfil it, when you owe, pay before, or as at when due, match your words and your actions, be faithful, DO NOT LIE!! (especially the ones we do to cover facts). Be good and loyal.

Imagine how it would be if I could walk into a company, request for some of their goods on credit, promising to pay when I make sales, and they give me, simply because they TRUST me (and ofcourse I did not cheat them!). This way, you have been able to start a business, with TRUST (not money, or your house or property). Poverty will reduce, death rate will drop, relationships will be better, you will be happier, and the economy will boost.

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My fight with Martins: Do not just ACT, ACHIEVE!!!

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I was prompted to write this piece when I remembered, as a boy, how I got into a fight with another boy in my school. As a matter of fact, my classmate. From all indications, I should be able to knock this guy out with my chubby fists because I was considerable bigger than him. Right now, I cannot remember what caused the fight, but I vividly remember what happened during the fight. As I write, the video recorder in my brain still has, and is playing the events of that day to me.

When we started fighting, this young, short boy was throwing punches to me: all over my face my body, and this big Ikechukwu was just there, in front of him, receiving punches, and stopping the ones I could. I never threw a punch!! This boy beat me so well that throughout that day, I was the laughing stock of the people around.

How come this big me, the one who could have easily won that fight, loose without even getting a punch on my opponent’s face? I have the answer for that now. I never knew that winning a fight (in school) has everything to do with getting your punches to the opponent at the right place, and at the right time, sufficient to leave him/her in more pain than you; and making sure you receive no or little punches from your opponent. How I wish I knew this then, I would not have fought that fight, or if I did, I would have focused all my strength in throwing ACCURATE punches and hindering his punches from getting to me. Bottom line is, I was just MOVING about in that battle, with my hands covering my face and chest, receiving blows on my stomach, hands, and some on my “covered” face and chest. I was ACTING but never ACHIEVING.

It is not enough to do something, you have to have an OBJECTIVE for that action, and channel your energy to transforming that objective to achievement. “Effort does not necessarily mean you are effective” says T.D Jakes. When you work, work with an objective in mind, and when that objective is transformed to achievement, SET ANOTHER (HIGHER) OBJECTIVE!!! Don’t just do business because you want money, do it because, you want a SPECIFIC AMOUNT of money by the end of 3months or 6months or 12months, and then raise the bar when this is achieved. Don’t save for the “rainy day” only, save because you want to procure an asset!! Don’t go to school because it is part of socialization alone, go to school (formal or non-formal) because you want to learn (and be trained). Get an objective, achieve it!!!

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