Not Your Usual Love Poem

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Hello guys,

Long time no connect. Just enjoy this, with love.

Amidst the yawning and the stretching
Her body on my bed and her skin on mine
Took me far beyond cloud nine
The brightness of her eyes too powerful
Much more than radiography on a cancer patient
It sure could heal all ills
The warmth of her breath on my lips
Melted the lip cracks cause by this dry “Saharian” wind on a trip
Her arms, caressing life into me
Perusing my ebony skin from crown to toe
Sending chills, no, warmth down my spine
She rolled me up in her
Cuddling me like an infant
For you, I’ll remain a baby forever!
I want to have you both day and night
I wish it will ever be possible
I love you sweetheart
I love you dear SUN




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Happy New Year!
It’s been more than a while really. Just enjoy this post and be inspired.


Well, it’s a good thing to want a good thing-to want to be the best at what you do, or what you are aspiring to do. I’m just here to make you rethink that thought.

The term best, is a superlative function of a CLASS, that is, whenever BEST is mentioned, it is always defined by a class. That’s why the word “in” always follows this phrase “He is the best….”. One cannot talk about being the best without stating the class where that “best” is attained. You can be the best in mathematics, singing, football, acting, or whatever, or the best in Nigeria, Africa, or even the world. But note this, if your class exists, other classes exist also. And the bar for accruing best-ness in another class may be so high, that you- the best in your class- will be a minute entity when in that class.

This is what I’m proposing; if you struggle to be the best, that’s what you’ll be doing for the rest of your life- struggling!! Because you’ve placed yourself in the box of society created class, locked up that box, and have swallowed the key! You’ve left the measurement of your fulfillment in the hands of the society- bunch of people who don’t even know why you are here!! Being the best is good, but there’s something better….

It’s being YOUR BEST. See, there’s no one like you in all the earth. This is not some motivational mumbling to elate you, it is truth and truth is a living entity. You’re so unique, that if you decide to be(ing) your best, you become incomparable- you bring out the key to that box of society created class, open the box, and get out!! You get out to express yourself, to express your core, to be powerful. Trust me there’s no struggling here, just expression of inherent capacities. This way, you are not concerned with what to achieve or who to surpass, but with expressing the “best-ness” that you are made of. Society will still try to place you in a class when you’re doing this, but guess what? You cannot be placed because you’ll continually and continuously give her reason to review that placement. Your potential for productivity and fulfilment is inexhaustibly and unlimitedly limitless!! Your potential and mine is unimaginably bigger than imaginable- it is bigger than what we think they are!

You’ve got to choose between THE BEST and YOUR BEST, but choose YOUR BEST, I beseech thee!

Share your thoughts…….they are valued!

If Wishes Were Horses?

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“If wishes were horses, beggars would ride”


Unfortunately, wishes aren’t horses, and all “wishers”, not beggars will NOT ride! Wait! Why will one just sit down and assume that all the good things of life will locate him from the north, south, east, west, top, bottom (oh, bottom means devil, sorry), everywhere, but himself? Sometimes I wonder when these “good” things developed legs. Even the human carriers of these good things cannot locate him. You know why? They don’t even know his address, he never came out of the house! For years, he has been wishing for a visitor that he does not know, have not invited, and cannot attract. Even if good things eventually get his adress and come visiting, he has no thing, as in, “nothing to offer”.

It is the undeniable feature of infancy to expect (positive) results when you have made no input. Why will an adult expect to just hit jackpot? Why will he imagine stuff like walking in the street and bump into a million dollars lounging by the corner of a bend? Why will he allow his mind to be this poor? Why will he waste this great function of imagination on unrealistic frivolities? Is there not a process, a route to follow? He should try and get rid of “Peter Pan-ness” quickly, and grow up!!


Let me tell you the secret to success………………………………….well, no secret at all. Just be clear about what you want to do, plan/develop a strategy to get it done, then get it done! There will be obstacles on the way, but your resolve, discipline, and determination will be able to conquer them. To start with, love (accommodating and giving), and service (solution providing) are key virtues one should portray.

Ikechukwu Nwosu

When God Doesn’t Make Sense

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When God doesn’t make sense
Don’t be discouraged, sit back and relax
Afterall you are His battle axe
His thoughts towards you are of good and not evil
And His promises and words never dwindle

When God doesn’t make sense
Know that He’s God all by himself
He knows you, even more than yourself
His thoughts are higher than your thoughts
His ways are far better than your shortcuts

When God doesn’t make sense
Relax, He’s working out something
I can assure you it’ll be exciting
He said it’s for you good
Get thee in the celebration mood!

When God doesn’t make sense
Don’t you reprove Him
This person is the Elohim
Your existence doesn’t make Him God
If you stop, stones will call Him Lord

Ikechukwu Nwosu

Trapped In A Cell

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I opened my eyes, yet it was as if they were still closed. I couldn’t see anything, so I just lay where I was, thinking, “where exactly am I?”. At first, I thought it was a dream, until I felt a sting on my left foot as if I had just been bitten by an insect. I quickly hit the spot with my left palm, and as I guessed, I felt something, propbably a mosquito on my palm. It then dawned on me that I really wasn’t dreaming- this was “real reality” (permit that phrase). If I were to be dreaming, the slap I landed on my left foot was enough to even raise the dead.

“Where on earth am I?”,I quipped, I hadn’t finished my sentence when suddenly, I saw a bright light, but before I could even act, it was gone. The light lasted for about two seconds, then I returned to my “dark world”. The light lasted long enough to make me see that I was in a room barred by gates of steel- a cell probably. I said to myself, “What am I doing in a cell?”, then the light shone again, this time, for about four seconds, and it was confirmed that I actually am in a cell.

After this, I just sat down lamenting and crying about my predicament, I cannot even remember how I landed in a cell- a very dark cell. I continued to wail, for a very long time, whether it was an hour, a day, a week, a month, a year, or many years, I cannot tell, and my saving light shone not all these time. It was so bad, I couldn’t differentiate between when I was sleeping, and when I was awake.

Suddenly I asked myself “A cell should have people watching over it”. Immediately, the light shone again, with a glimmer of hope, I quickly ran to the gate shouting “Is anyone here, somebody help me!”. Surprisingly, the light stay all through these time, I shouted, cried, and yelled, but got no answer. Then I went back to my melancholic activity, and -you guessed right- the light went out.

After “melancholising” for some time, I finally mustered courage and standing up, I said to myself, “I must find a way to get the hell out of this place”, and my saving light came up again. I ran quickly to the gate to try to force it open, surprisingly, the gate flung open after the first push. I was both amazed and disappointed, amazed because I realized that the gate was not locked at all, and disappointed because I would have push it open the first time I knew there was a gate. I quickly put all that behind me, and ran towards the light like the sun rays runs to the earth. I was free, and I am still free.

Questions, are the pathways to discoveries.
Questions, start the process of answers/solutions
Questions, start a new season……………and ACTIONS take you to the destination.

Ikechukwu Nwosu

Faith that Works- PART II

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AMP:So faith comes by hearing [what is told], and what is heard comes by the preaching [of the message that came from the lips] of Christ (the Messiah Himself).

Romans 10vs17

Today, we continue from where stopped last week, and we will look at a very critical aspect of the faith homily.


The Faith that will work is the faith that comes by hearing, and not just once, but continually and continuously. You have to come to the point where you begin to hear whatsoever you read from the scriptures, and keep hearing it so that your faith keeps working and working even unto the end. You speak encouragement to yourself and ensure you hear it, you hear again that faith boosting sermon or words from a friend/pastor, and just keep on hearing it until you possess what you desire.


Everyday of your life you keep hearing God speaking to you, the promises from His Word- The Bible, you allow those words grow and keep growing by hearing and hearing. You wake up in the morning, and you hear “You are the apple of my eyes”, “With God all things are possible”, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”, “I am more than a conqueror”. You hear them everyday, and your belief system and action potential for success and greatness is boosted.

Keep on hearing, Keep on keeping on. You must succeed, You must be Great!!

Ikechukwu Nwosu


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First from my mother
That very day when I woke up with so much vigour
Took my bath, and ran off to prepare for school
Mother had already prepared my meal
So I took to the dining to eat
Father, who was supposed to take me to school
Left very early for an important meeting
Mother took me to school after the meal
I was happy that day, I didn’t know why
As she dropped me by the school gate
I kissed her and walked into the school
Reaching the gate I turned back to wave goodbye
Suddenly!! Just like a flash
This eighteen wheeler ran into mother’s car
Crushed it, and I shouted “Mother”
Wishing she was not in the car
Unfortunately, she was, and she died instantly
It was September 23rd, I lost her that day

New mother came August 5th
Eleven months later
But she never acted like a mother
When she came my peace left
Sleep late, wake early,
Perform chores over and over again
Despised whenever I read, but I read anyway
Run errands late at night
She put me through much more than all these
I told dad, but she always found a way to justify herself
Dad never took me seriously
Celeste was my solace, my friend
The daughter of our neighbour
The sister I never had

New wife soon had her children
I would have called them brother and sister
But they never acted so
Their mother had taught them
To hate me, oh what a mother!
If my mother was around, things would have been better

Soon father was away to never land
Caught by a stray bullet, during an armed robbery
It was July 30th
Now it’s me and the tripartite beings
Who daily maltreat me
They envy my little success in school
Still I’m not bothered
Mother’s love abides forever
Always an inch ahead
Maybe it’s my good deeds that put me in the lead
Thanks to Celeste, who has always been there for me
She was indeed a sister

In all I’m glad for the few good people I know
Still optimistic they would change,
I mean the tripartite beings,
To the good tripartite beings in the heavenlies
Thank you for Andrew.

Written by:
Victor Okolo