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Humans, just like catalysts have promoters and inhibitors. Promoters are people in your life that helps to make you function productively and efficiently. They are the people that tell you, you can make it, those that wake you up when you are asleep for too long, those that want to know how close you are, and how many steps you have taken to get to your desired goals. Iron will sharpen iron, so should a human sharpen another human. You have to look for your “sharpeners”, people who will always add value to you and multiply your output. I have come to discover that when an individual comes to another individual’s aid in anything, both individuals abilities to get that thing done is increased. Ask yourself, “Do people I spend most of my time with add value to my life, or they reduce my productivity?” If they do not add or multiply you, modify your timetable because your success and fulfillment is at stake!!! Look for people you leave their presence happier, better informed, inspired, and motivated to achieve your goals.

On the other hand, inhibitors are catalyst poisons. We should try not to be with people that slow us down, give us wrong ideas, backbite and back stab you, people that make you feel you cannot make it, either because of your status in life, or because there is no manifested sign of making it, or because of your location. They tell you to go the way everyone is going so that you end up how everyone ended up, leaving the world development-less. You must not spend time with this kind of people, so they do not poison your goals and purpose for living. We have to keep the world improving, and to improve the world, we must improve our actions towards success.

I’ll like to call on people who have inhibiting qualities to STOP!!! Be a promoter, it always pays.



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Continuity keeps the whole universe in existence. The moon moving continuously in its orbit around the earth. The earth moving continuously in its orbit around the sun. Continuous directional motion is the only way to get to your desired goals. No one gets anywhere without MOVING in the DIRECTION of that place. You keep moving until you get there. To keep one’s life going, the brain never stops working, the heart never stops working, the lungs never stop working, even when we are resting or sleeping. We easily get bored and tired of our dreams and aspirations because they did not start as we expected, they are not going the way we expected, and we think we will never get them done. I know that things can get really difficult, but stopping will not lead you there, only moving will. Be resilient, practically FORCE your way there!! Life will not give you anything, you only demand for what you need by continuous directional motion towards it. Nature will only support a dream that never left the heart of the dreamer, a dream that is always acted upon.


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A young man was given a form to fill, and on the first section of that form, he was meant to input his personal data, so he started off. He wrote his name on the space provided, did same for his address, phone number, email, and date of birth. When he got to the space he was meant to write his sex, he wrote “Five times daily”. Surprising and somewhat funny isn’t it? Some individuals still do not know that sex is not just sexual intercourse alone, but also involve a whole lot of things.
Sex can be categorized in two ways: possession of holistic anatomical structures (this makes possible for classification into male and female), and sexual intercourse (this makes possible, the unity of male and female).
Sexual intercourse is the most popularized and widely used description for sex. It is here that we find concepts as homosexuality, bestiality, bisexuality, e.t.c
People think they are born bisexual, homosexual, or bestial, but there is NO person in the world as this. Its just that these sexual concepts have in one way or the other, entered their personalities and have taken over their beings, thus making the individual feels he/she is that way naturally. These concepts make us less humans and affect all aspects of our health and relationships. Above all, they are not natural or normal. Did you know that before 1973 homosexuals were taken to psychiatric hospitals because that act was seen as abnormal and irrational? That many people are engaging in it these days does not make them normal. They are still abnormal!!!
When the sun begins to rise from the west, the moon begins to shine bright in the day, fishes begin to walk on land, night never comes for a week, we know that something is wrong. Then mankind seek ways to restore the universe from these chaotic conditions. Let us fight this and restore many individuals to their original selves. One love!!


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“The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time.” – Abraham Lincoln

One will never get anywhere, without taking steps that lead to that place. There is always a continuous effort needed to take us to our destiny-ation. Rome was not built in one day, but was, and is been built everyday. We should at all times ensure that our present actions lead us to our desired place.