Trapped In A Cell

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I opened my eyes, yet it was as if they were still closed. I couldn’t see anything, so I just lay where I was, thinking, “where exactly am I?”. At first, I thought it was a dream, until I felt a sting on my left foot as if I had just been bitten by an insect. I quickly hit the spot with my left palm, and as I guessed, I felt something, propbably a mosquito on my palm. It then dawned on me that I really wasn’t dreaming- this was “real reality” (permit that phrase). If I were to be dreaming, the slap I landed on my left foot was enough to even raise the dead.

“Where on earth am I?”,I quipped, I hadn’t finished my sentence when suddenly, I saw a bright light, but before I could even act, it was gone. The light lasted for about two seconds, then I returned to my “dark world”. The light lasted long enough to make me see that I was in a room barred by gates of steel- a cell probably. I said to myself, “What am I doing in a cell?”, then the light shone again, this time, for about four seconds, and it was confirmed that I actually am in a cell.

After this, I just sat down lamenting and crying about my predicament, I cannot even remember how I landed in a cell- a very dark cell. I continued to wail, for a very long time, whether it was an hour, a day, a week, a month, a year, or many years, I cannot tell, and my saving light shone not all these time. It was so bad, I couldn’t differentiate between when I was sleeping, and when I was awake.

Suddenly I asked myself “A cell should have people watching over it”. Immediately, the light shone again, with a glimmer of hope, I quickly ran to the gate shouting “Is anyone here, somebody help me!”. Surprisingly, the light stay all through these time, I shouted, cried, and yelled, but got no answer. Then I went back to my melancholic activity, and -you guessed right- the light went out.

After “melancholising” for some time, I finally mustered courage and standing up, I said to myself, “I must find a way to get the hell out of this place”, and my saving light came up again. I ran quickly to the gate to try to force it open, surprisingly, the gate flung open after the first push. I was both amazed and disappointed, amazed because I realized that the gate was not locked at all, and disappointed because I would have push it open the first time I knew there was a gate. I quickly put all that behind me, and ran towards the light like the sun rays runs to the earth. I was free, and I am still free.

Questions, are the pathways to discoveries.
Questions, start the process of answers/solutions
Questions, start a new season……………and ACTIONS take you to the destination.

Ikechukwu Nwosu


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