The Rise of the ”HOMOCOPIERS”

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We all have dreams (at least most of us), some have blatantly refused to wake up from theirs, waiting for the dreams to be fulfilled even in their dreams, others have decided to borrow other people’s dreams, neglecting the salient fact, that what is borrowed is expected to be returned, and that what one borrows cannot be used as what one owns.

The question I want you to ask yourself as you read this is that, Is your dream really your dream? Or did you borrow that dream from someone because of his/her results? You have to be clear about what you are called to do in life, and follow that path passionately. It is an insult on yourself and your creator, to strive to be someone else.

Many folks, in their bid to follow worthy mentors/role models, forget that they are seperate individuals from their mentors and role models. Let me quickly say, that what you should learn are UNIVERSAL principles and apply them in your UNIQUE life. That guy is another individual, with seperate goals, dreams, and ambitions from yours, learn his principles, but follow your own path. A worthy mentor will berate you for trying to be like him/her. Admire the results, but learn the reasons for such results. Your life is not a continuation of another person’s life.


Some other folks just want money, and then they begin to copy the vocations that make more money. See, every talent is capable of yielding money, so develop yours, and become a pioneer in the business of that talent. Stop wasting time and other resources trying to copy others, and start investing time and other resources in developing your talent.

The painful aspect of this issue to me, is when individuals begin to desire the conditions or experiences of the people that are high achievers, so that they can get their results. Because the individual quit his/her job, they secretly want to quit their job, because the individual got married at a particular age, they secretly want to get married at that age, because the individual never had formal education, they secretly want to have same experience, or even drop out of school. Be yourself, there is a pathway to your destiny from wherever you are. Make decisions based on your unique dreams. Let me be very sincere, if you are a “homocopier”, you will never be the best at what you do, or even the second, third, or fourth best, because the one you are copying, may not even be at his own unique best.

We are all gifted, but most people haven’t and do not even want to open their packages!

Ikechukwu Nwosu


2 thoughts on “The Rise of the ”HOMOCOPIERS”

    Tope said:
    July 25, 2014 at 12:09 pm

    I agree with not being a homocopier, you need to know for certain that your dream, goals and aspirations are truly yours, but some may argue that they can dream for you until you develop yours…I think that’s the role of parents.

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