Remove Fear, Make It Happen!!!

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One truth I have found out is that, everyone wants to be great and successful. We all want to be celebrated, we want to be recognized, respected, and honoured in our society and the world at large. But few of the “everyone” actually get this DONE. Only a minority of the “everyone” accomplish all these.

What then is the hindrance? What is the reason why only few out of the many achieve these feats? What is the problem?

Fear is the hindrance. Most people are afraid of not being able to achieve it, some think they cannot achieve it, while some others are afraid of even achieving it. The last group are those who have the fear of success- they are afraid of maintaining success; they think they may not be able to continue to be successful. For this group, they better not go up, than to go up and come down again. My position then is, what makes them think that if they go up, they will come down. Do your best to be successful, truth is, what will come will come, and what will happen will happen. Hence, your actions (that you control) should be channeled towards being successful. We should be cautious and wise in our decision-making and action-taking.

Do not allow the fear of what will happen, make nothing happen. This fear can make you inactive, and at the end of the day, nothing happens. What if the reason for your fear never ever appears? Remove that “feeling” that something bad will, or wants to happen, and focus on accomplishing your goals. Take those steps, see that individual, walk into that office, write that song, write that book, go for that audition, start that business, create that group, just DO something that takes the ball out of your court!! Be cautious and wise in your actions and decisions.


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