Trust: The Human Capital

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Okay, good day friends. Let’s go……

I write today because of the deplorable state of human relationships I see everywhere (especially in my surrounding). It’s difficult to believe that someone would not want to cheat you, that someone will not intentionally hurt you, that there’s nobody that wants your downfall. Many people see everyother person as enemies, thus treating them as such. This has profound impact on our character that we tend to want to hurt others even before we “think” they would hurt us. You can no longer discuss a business idea with someone who has the financial capacity to see it through, without him/her thinking you are a con. Seriously, I get tired of things like this.

Even husbands and wives do not trust each other with THEIR money. Brothers, sisters, and other kinsmen and women are gradually becoming enemies, all thanks to LACK OF TRUST. People cheat on their spouse because they “think” their spouse is, our would cheat on them later, so they better cheat now to keep the score tied. Paranoia everywhere; “you think I want to hurt you, and I think you want to hurt me” syndrome is gaining grounds almost everywhere today.

Give people the benefit of the doubt (hey, I’m not saying you should be gullible, I’m just saying that if you find no reason to doubt them, don’t). You yourself, be trustworthy. Let’s all learn to make little deposits in our trust account with others. When you make a promise, fulfil it, when you owe, pay before, or as at when due, match your words and your actions, be faithful, DO NOT LIE!! (especially the ones we do to cover facts). Be good and loyal.

Imagine how it would be if I could walk into a company, request for some of their goods on credit, promising to pay when I make sales, and they give me, simply because they TRUST me (and ofcourse I did not cheat them!). This way, you have been able to start a business, with TRUST (not money, or your house or property). Poverty will reduce, death rate will drop, relationships will be better, you will be happier, and the economy will boost.

Thanks for visiting my blog today. I honour you. Share your thoughts on this issue, I’m really looking forward reading them.

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