Lessons from Windshield and Side mirrors

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I’ll kick off today with this analogy from driving an automobile. If you are moving any automobile, there are various aspects that you have to ensure are in place, and always in place throughout your journey.

I’ll speak today on two aspects: the windscreen and the side mirrors. The side mirrors represent your past, and the windshield, your future. While driving, most of your FOCUS and ATTENTION is required to be ahead- through the windscreen. You focus almost all your energy on STEERING the vehicle towards your DESTINY-ATION. Little of your energy is used to control your speed, stop if need be, and obey the rules of driving. These also, are dependent on your focus through the windscreen. There is no effective driving without the windscreen- which represents VISION. Vision helps you avoid distractions, it gives you hope and courage, even when this are like they are going awry. It gives you DIRECTION, and with it, you are able to get to your destiny-ation.

The side mirrors are also important, but at the same time can prove lethal if focused on for too long. They represent your past. You may need to refer to them at different times for the sole aim of learning from them, not worrying about them. You look at your side mirrors (past) because whatever you want to get from them, is needed to get you to your destiny-ation. The goal is to get to your destiny-ation.

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