Stay in a Healthy Environment

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Our environment consist of all the living and non-living factors that we RELATE with or are exposed to everyday. Our environment exerts a very large influence over all areas of our lives. We become what we have been EXPOSED to over the years.

If you do not know, know now that I am a Health Educator, and when we talk about a healthy environment, we talk about one in which agents of diseases do not thrive- where their influences are reduced almost totally. We advocate for prevention in our profession, hence instead of trying to remedy a disease condition, we try to prevent it by educating the people involved. I once saw a documentary on how staying in a dirty environment can lead to low mental functioning, and the researchers proved it. Do not always treat malaria, prevent it, clear bushes, and avoid stagnant water in your environment. Keep your environment clean, and you keep your body (and life) clean.

Now, let’s look at it this way; the people you are connected to, or relate with, form your environment, and they are capable of influencing your life. I saw a statement one day, and it said, “The things that will change about you five years from now, will be as a result of the people you met, and the books you read”. When I was growing up, parents/guardians (including mine) always say these words to their children/wards, “Show me your friend, and I will tell you who you are”. It is he that walks with the wise that will be wise, and it is a companion of fools that will be destroyed. Be mindful of who you relate with and are connected to; of their success potential, and how they are related to you. Strive to be the best, but strive also to avoid distractions.

Please note that you should generally be good, and relate freely with everyone, but also note that not everyone can teach you, be a promoter to you, or be a part of your mission/team.

Hope you enjoyed reading? Please leave a comment, and inspire me and other readers too!!! You’re the best.

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