It’s all in you II

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Continued from yesterday

The second lesson I want to draw from yesterday’s story was that we should recognize that we have been endowed with much capabilities than what we see now or we are manifesting. You’ve got much more in you than what meets your eyes. Whether you know it or have discovered it or not doesn’t erase it. It’s a free, and inexhaustible spring of gifts that is flowing in you. You just have to discover and channel it out- USE IT!!!

Thirdly, I want you to know that an ernest desire and longing is needed to be successful. The other man in that car said, “You are not going as fast as you can, you are only going as fast as you will”. You’ve got to be passionate about living your dreams; this passsion/desire/longing pushes you to act to live those dreams of yours- to be successful.

I challenge you to devote your time and energy in developing those things you are passionate about, be faithful, be loyal, and be good to all. You’ll in no time start to harness those deep things in you that you never knew.

Have a great week. One love!!!


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