It’s all in you

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I heard the story of a man who was driving on a highway that has no speed limits. This man was so excited that he pressed down the accelerator, and took the car up to 80, 90, 100, and 110 miles per hour. He was zooming past people on both sides, and was feeling on top of the world until another car that is exactly the same model as this man’s, blew past his car, as if his own car was parked. That car must have been going at 170 miles per hour. At this, the other person in his car started to laugh, and he said these words to this man, “You are not going as fast as you can, you are going as fast as you will”.

I’ll draw out three lessons from this event. The first is that we should not be satisfied and become complacent with the minor (or major) achievements we have made, or feel good about ourselves because we have done more than most people. There is something better and higher. There is room for more achievements, more knowledge, more platforms to help others, much more than whatsoever you think you have achieved. Before the last century, a certain official of the government of the United States said that there is nothing else to invent, that man has invented all there is, but today, I bet his great great grand children will help him regret he ever said that. There’s enough space, and probably time for more. GOal for it!!!

Okay friends, we’ll continue tomorrow by this time. But you can share your views with me and other readers. You are the best!!


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