Pillars of successful leadership

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Ideal leadership is one of the leading needs of our world today. The most prominent workshops, seminars, conferences, and symposiums are focused on leadership. Truly, ideal leadership is a major pre-requisite for world wide transformation.

If Ideal leadership is this important, how then can we harness it?


We have all been endowed and deposited with UNIQUE set of giftings that will help us to contribute our own quota to solve the problems of our world, thus releasing us to greatness and glory.

There is no leadership without CAPACITY, and there is no human without capacity. As a matter of fact, it is capacity (what you are capable of doing) that makes you a leader. We’ve got to build capacity- I mean prune our talents and gifts so they become skills, and continue to develop them. If you need to acquire any skill that you’re passionate about, do so!! Continuous use of our skills lead to mastery, and the mastery of our skills lead to great achievements and accomplishments- this is part of what ideal leadership is all about.

A high achiever is a master of her skills, and this makes her exact great influence on people, especially in the area of her skills. There is no leadership without influence.

Come back this time tomorrow let’s conclude this. Share your thoughts with me. One love.


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