A little push of encoragement.

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We come across many situations throughout life. We live,we suffer, we enjoy, we decide,we share, we make, we change, we explain, we understand … many moods we cherish.
Sometime a little push of encouragement of what you are doing right now ,or want to do ,makes you more stronger and confident.  The simple words “well done !”, ” impressive  work “, ” good piece of work done” ,”excellent” ,”good job”  -brings a unknown feeling of goodness you carry within.

This little words of encouragement brings a lot of power to sustain and improve. You know that your work is good but still the appreciation of it is necessary, untill you feel incomplete. Success fades if you have
#  no-one to celebrate with,
#  no-one dear to congratulate you,
#  no-one to tell you that you won,
#  no-one to say “i love you”, you are best.

So Whenever i get…

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