Prepare for Glory

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I remember my growing up years, how I and the children my age are engulfed with different goals, aspirations, and ambitions. Chidinma will say, “I want to be a lawyer”, Segun says he wants to be an Engineer, Bashiru, I think, wanted to be an architect, I wanted to be a medical doctor, and ofcourse, little or no child desired to be a Teacher. Even with our different dreams, one thing is common, we all wanted to be successful in life.

Even as we grew up, we carried these dreams with us, and although, many of us had a change of profession due to certain factors, our dreams were still alive. We see “successful” individuals, and we just begin to have this feeling of wanting to be there- an accomplished professional. We wait earnestly for our “future” to come so that the whole world will know us, not knowing that the future comes one day at a time. We will talk for hours about how peoples of different parts of the world will recognize and talk about our accomplishments, wealth, prestige, and honour in the “nearest future”. After such chatter, we will go back to our “beds” (usually mats or sofas or carpets) and SLEEP. We never knew these words of Aristotle- “We are what we repeatedly do, excellence is not an act, but a habit”. This is the situation of many people- both teens and adults. We have a lot of dreams, but we do not want to get up from our sleep to achieve these dreams.

I write today to that youngster, that “soon to be married” individual, that parent, and that middle-aged individual to never stop DREAMING……………..and DOING. Parents and adults, perform your mentorship role to the younger generation by encouraging them to dare to live their passion, and to WORK to bring their dreams from the mental plane to our three-dimensional, physical plane- to reality. Tell them it is not enough to dream, but to do!!! Help them discover their potentials from their passion, and if as an adult you need help in this regard, GET IT.

What if the stage is set, the spotlight is on you, the crowd cheering, and you could not perform, simply because you do not KNOW what to DO? Abraham Lincoln said, “I will prepare, and someday my chance will come”. Also remember, that success has EVERYTHING to do with CONSISTENCY. Hence, it is not about that one hit or gig, but about the ones that follow.

If you have a dream, do not wait for anything or anyone, wake up and turn it to reality by preparation. Live everyday as if the spotlight will shine on you the very next hour. Always strive to learn- know and practice.

It’s your time people. GO and DO!!! I highly appreciate your comments.

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7 thoughts on “Prepare for Glory

    Ekor A said:
    April 17, 2014 at 10:07 am

    Great write, thanks for the inspiration. God bless

      Ikechukwu Nwosu responded:
      April 17, 2014 at 10:20 am

      You’re welcome. Thanks for stopping by

    adewara michael damilola said:
    April 17, 2014 at 11:39 am

    Inspired. Sir,

    ada Nwaopara said:
    April 18, 2014 at 4:55 pm

    Wow! A great piece. I will definitely share this. Thanks so much and God bless.

    […] one of my posts- Prepare for glory I opened up to us the need for us not to wait for our “future” but prepare for it. Also, I […]

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