How Africa is losing A critical mass of human capital potentials to Instant gratification…

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Brain drain 2 This is the 21st century thought: That without your consent, you and I and everyone in the world now lives in a period of heightened awareness. Globalization, International trade, digital technology and easy access to information are facilitating rapid economic growth all over the globe. Nations are bracing up to the need to strengthen key institutions, and most importantly, bracing up to the necessity of building a large base of knowledge workers skilled in science and engineering, technology and the service industries. The need to educate the population and deploy them to diverse parts of the economy to invent new knowledge and form intellectual capital is no longer a luxury; it has become the bar of entry. These are the realities of our times, and they could be quite disturbing when we consider the Nigerian or African situation.

Here, there is a death of development. Having identified human capital development…

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