Wonders of Your Hands and Feet

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Did you know, that all the nerves that pass through all the organs and systems in your body end in your hands and feet?

Well, if you don’t, now you do!!!

What are the implications of this?

The first truth in this discovery is that, YOUR LIFE IS IN YOUR HANDS……….AND YOUR FEET!!! This is used to mean that you are responsible for what goes on IN your life. Mind you, it’s not about what’s going on around you that determines your life, it’s about what’s going on IN you. Your life is not a function of the events, circumstances, and conditions around you, but the decisions and actions you take. No doubt, factors outside yourself can influence your life, but that’s because you allowed them to. You are the sole proprietor of this your business-your life. No matter how well you teach a goat courtesy, it will always be stubborn, a pig will always be dirty even if you try to teach that pig cleanliness. It will always want to roll on the floor!! It’s all about you, the decisions you make, and the actions you take. You determine what goes on in your life, irrespective of what goes on around you.

Secondly, your life depends on where you GO and WHAT you do. Where you go describes the people you associate with, and the kind of environment you place yourself. What you do describes the activities you engage in everyday you live. What you do is a function of your hands, and where you go is a function of your feet. Learn here how to be ACTIVE and RESPONSIVE in life. In one of my posts, Promoters and Inhibitors I talked about being in the right environment. Learn how to do right and be at the right place all the time.

Your comments are appreciated. GO AND SUCCEED!!!

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