Making a Living vs Making a Difference

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The essence of life has now been equated with having a “good job” that pays the bills; having a business that can cater for you and your family, and still have some more money to spare; waking up each morning, go about our “normal” daily tasks, and then, get back to bed at night.

We now live in the “Me, Myself, I, and maybe, My family” world. This is seen in people’s constant pursuit for money and what it can buy at the expense (detriment) of others. This is what breeds corruption- greed, discontentment, lack of compassion, and selfishness!! If you live this way, no matter Who or What you are in the society, you are just Making a living, not Making a difference.


The very fact that you are still breathing means you have to do something, not for yourself, but for others (especially those who cannot afford it, or are not able to pay you back). You are not alive for your sake alone; if it were to be so, you would either be given one planet to live in, all alone, or be given a room six feet below the ground!!

I heard the story of a young doctor who was very passionate about helping poor, sick, and vulnerable children. So, anytime he had a vacation, he would travel down to Africa and help in the local hospitals without receiving payment. He continued this for a while, and after sometime, his friends started supporting him with drugs and some other needed items, then organisations he wrote to began to give him pills that cures a particular parasitic infection. At first, all he got were pills that could fill maybe one or two boxes, later on, they began to give him in crates. It got to a point that the pills were so many, that he had to ship them to Afirca. Today, about 13million children have taken that pill, and this ONE MAN aims to get this pill to the 300million children that need it. It started with just his use of his medical expertise, but now, multimillion dollar organisations support his VISION/PASSION. This man is no longer the average medical doctor; he is a medical doctor WITH A DIFFERENCE.

Mother Theresa never had a “good job”, but I bet you’ll never forget her in your lifetime. Be passionate about helping people, especially when you have a “GOOD JOB”!! Do not steal from others (including stealing public funds); it is MURDER!!!

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2 thoughts on “Making a Living vs Making a Difference

    egbuchua edith said:
    April 9, 2014 at 6:49 am

    God help us to see d blessings dat comes wen we give to d needy. Well said young author

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