What is Leadership?

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I remember, as a teenager after writting my first book; I knew I had great talent in writting, and that that book will be the first of many more books authored by me. I remember saying to myself all those times that I could write on any subject that pertains to human relationships and the purpose of life, but not on leadership. I felt I was not qualified to write on leadership. To say the truth, I NEVER saw myself as a leader, though I was the president of teenagers in my church at the time, and I was the immediate past Vice President on that same platform!! Here’s why I said I was not qualified; I could not tell anyone, whether old or young to get something done, I’d rather I do it myself than have someone do it for me, because I just did not want to be a BURDEN on anyone; and I do not know for sure whether the individual would even HEED to what I want to tell him/her to do. Well, of a truth, I WAS NOT QUALIFIED TO WRITE ON LEADERSHIP THEN. I saw leadership as a concept that has to do only with occupying a position, and making people do your bidding whether they want it or like it or not without refusing you because you are their “leader”. Well, today I know better, that that is called coercion or manipulation, not leadership.

Although I still showed some leadership qualities back then, I never knew what they were. I just saw leadership as being able to force people to do what you want, irrespective of what they think or feel. I saw the way I lead the teenagers as my own way, not the leadership way. I said to myself that leadership is all about coercion or force, and because of this, I am not a leader. I was wrong about the first set of words in the last sentence before the comma, and this makes the last set of words wrong too, because they were inferred from the first set of words. Leadership is not about coercion or force, and I am a leader; everyone is!!!

Leadership has nothing to do with position, it is position that loves to find its way around LEADERS. It is making people do something because they want to, which is because you made them SEE why they HAVE to. People will only do what you want when you INSPIRE them to SEE it as what THEY want too. Leadership is the transmission of vision and passion, through inspiration, so that the other person takes up the same vision and passion as their’s.

Everyone’s a leader. I say it again, EVERYONE’S A LEADER. How did I know this? I know because EVERYONE has a UNIQUE VISION and PASSION for their lives!!!

GO AND LEAD!!! Live your Passion!!! I like to see what you have to say about this post. Your comments are always appreciated. One love.


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