Words that should NEVER get out of your mouth

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The part of the brain that controls speech has been discovered to have a lot of influence over the other parts of the brain. We can say that it is the most prominent. What you say, will be acted upon by all other parts of the body, hence one should speak right always (to ourselves and others).

These words should never be heard by your ear from your mouth, do not even entertain the thought of saying them!!!

“I can’t”

Think about these words as you read them, “You have the potential of DOING only what you THINK or SAY you can do.” No matter how talented or gifted you are in anything, if you think or say to yourself long enough that you can’t do that thing, you will never be able to do it. Words are just so powerful, you have to use them wisely, and for your benefit and benefit of those around you.
I will not undermine the fact that in certain areas or specialities where we have little or no expertise, we may not be able to do things that require professional brains in that area. What I am really passionate about is that stuff you can pull off, but just for one reason or the other, you “feel” or “think” and then “say” you can’t pull it off. Hey friends, you can!!!

“I’m not…”

Most times, people say I’m not this, I’m not that; using it as an excuse not to do what they are supposed to do, are capable of doing, and can do. You do not have to be anybody to do what YOU can do. You do not have to be anybody to do what YOU need to do.

We always like to push the responsibility to people or things, thus, saying “I’m not this or that, and this or that is supposed to do this thing, hence it is not my duty or responsibility to do it.” You are a unique DESIGNER-MADE by God, not a fake of someone or something else. We are ALL unique!!!

Let not these unwholesome talk come out of your mouth friends, you can do anything you set your heart and mind to do, and you do not need to be anybody to get it done!!!

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