How are you CREATING the STORY that will CREATE your DESTINY?

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Olakunle Soriyan Blog

Your stories The strength, exploits, defeat and downfall of men and women are always in their stories. The strength of our stories is the programs installed inside of us to either propel us into greater heights or prepare us for abyss of life. I have come to know that the nuisance value and relevance of men alike are found in their stories. Over the years, I have learnt that every man is as good as his stories and how much of it he is able to understand, interpret, explore or deactivate for his benefits. Everyone has a story, and the content of that story is the determinant of how they act or don’t act. It’s called programs.

Programs, installed by stories have a life of their own. They have the underrated power to move from the past to form the presence. Programs are created either deliberately or by default to live forever…

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