Lessons from Isaac Newton’s First law of motion

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Sir Isaac Newton, one of the world’s foremost scientist that have ever lived gave three laws as regards motion, and the first of which we will be considering it’s application today.

The law states that, an object remains at rest or moves at a constant velocity until it is being acted upon by a force.

What this means is that, it will take a force or ACTION to make things happen. Events, situations, circumstances, challenges, and everything that happens in your life, is at the mercy of your decisions (to act).

There is nothing like indecision, you only DECIDE to do nothing- that too is a form of ACTION. You act to STOP a thing, act to START a thing, or act to PROMOTE a thing. Doing nothing is ACTING to SUPPORT the status quo.

Abraham Lincoln said, “the only way evil prevails over good is when good men decide to do nothing.” My dear, read that quote again please. Evil prevails over good, because good men DO NOTHING. Hence, doing nothing, supports what is happening.

If you are really tired of what’s going on in your life, you will do something about it, because when you do nothing, nothing happens. I mean NO-THING!!!

If you do not like the way your life is GOING, you ACT to STOP what’s happening. If you want something to START happening in your life, you ACT to BEGIN it.

I say it again, EVERYTHING that concerns you, is at the mercy of your DECISIONS.

Be ACTIVE friends, be ACTIVE. Start to achieve what you want to achieve. Stop WORRYING and start DOING!!!


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