Three things your mind can do for you – part III

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The concluding part of this three-part article……..

It determines your maturity level

Maturity is not seniority, it is sensibility, and ability to take responsibility.

You must realize that your mind – the level of growth of your mind – is how mature you are. Again, the importance of positive thinking is found here. “Ideas are buried in the mind, they are not to be developed” were the words of Aristotle, one of the famous philosophers of mankind. People spend countless number of hours on a daily basis in front of a television, gaining nothing, others in front of a computer, playing games or surfing the internet gaining nothing at all. The point I’m trying to make here is that, you should not engage yourself too much in activities that will not profit you more.

The surest and easiest way to have peace of mind, and ideas for making sound decisions, is through positive thinking. Engage your mind, and you grow in every sphere of your life.

Take for instance, someone that spends four hours a day in front of the televeision gaining nothing, by the time he is sixty, he would have wasted ten years of his life in front of the television. This is a wake up call to everyone; imagine ten wasted years, and you never knew!!! We must set priorities and do everything that need to be done (things that will profit you) first.

How mature you are, depends on how sound your judgements and decisions are, and this too is dependent on how developed your mind is – through adequate information and positive thinking.

One love!!!


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