Three things your mind can do for you – Part II

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Continued from yesterday…………..

It determines how healthy you are

It has been proven scientifically that seventy percent of the sickness and diseases faced in the world today, are psychosomatic (they originate from the mind).

These diseases have their foundation in worry and unhappiness rather than physical factors. Therefore, the kind of things you think of determines how healthy you are. Health authorities define sickness are an individual’s subjective response to a (disease) condition.

If you decide to go down to the root of some sicknesses, you will discover with me that, it is as a result of worry, unhappiness, and frustration. It is a heart at peace that give life to the body, and health to our bones.

You must therefore, guard your heart and mind by positive thinking so that you will continually and continuously be refreshed with new ideas and hope of making it.

The brain controls whatever you do and think of, it takes conclusion on the particular issue, sends it’s response to all parts of the body and these body parts begin to function as a result of that response. When this response is negative, your body begins to function negatively and improperly, and when your body begin to function improperly, you are said to be sick. This is why you must think positively at all times!!!

Watch what you think of, your health is at stake!!!

We will conclude tomorrow. Stay connected. One love!!


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