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Today, we will be looking at the ways we can activate our gifts- that deposit in us that launches us to our destinies, to greatness.


No treasure can be found on earth, except by digging. Precious stones, crude oil, salt, are all tapped by digging deep to where they are located. Study is digging into a particular subject, grabbing all you can from it. Illiteracy is regarded as the most formidable adversary to progress and development, and it takes study to destroy it. Keep reading, keep searching, and keep listening to materials that show you more about your gifts and how they can be used. Read! Read!! Read!!! Lack of reading/study culture is one of the major problems facing the world, especially Africans. We have got to engage in massive literacy programmes for ourselves (especially in areas of our giftings and passion), and help others do same.


You are not an encyclopedia of all knowledge and understanding. Look for an institution and get trained in areas of your giftings and passion. An institution can be a workshop, studio, online training sites, a business or craft where you learn as an apprentice to the owner of such business or craft. Just get more training from someone who has gone ahead of you.


This is just an extention of training. Locate someone you can trust and can be accountable to. The advantage of mentoring is that your mentor helps you create a balance by viewing aspects of your life objectively, and giving advice on what’s best to do. Your mentor should have more experience and accomplishments in your area of giftings than you have, but you MUST NEVER allow IMITATION set in, thus LIMITING yourself. This can happen when you begin to see your mentor’s accomplishments as YOUR END, not as something to HELP and INSPIRE you to achieve YOUR UNIQUE END. We are all UNIQUE individuals with UNIQUE ASSIGNMENTS.


Continuous performance of a craft lead to mastery. The words of Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of America, who is often times regarded as “The first American” says it all: “Hide not your talents, they for use were made. What’s a sundial in a shade?”

Get up and work!!! No dream comes to pass when the dreamer is still sleeping.


2 thoughts on “STIR THEM UP!!! – PART II

    Azeez said:
    March 21, 2014 at 11:26 am

    You said it all.
    Also another important tool is DISCIPLINE.
    John C. Maxwell said:
    Good Decisions – Daily Discipline = A Plan without a Payoff
    Daily Discipline – Good decisions = Regimentation without Reward
    Good Decisions + Daily Discipline = A Masterpiece of Potential.

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