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Affection, compassion, and benevolence are very scarce virtues in our world today. Showing care looks archaic and foolish these days. Help is deprived from people who need them by people who are capable of rendering this help. We forget that at a point in time, we all needed help and were helped.

The richest person in the world today was once financially dependent, if not at any time, that person was dependent as a child. The world’s greatest wrestling champion was once defenseless, was protected and guarded by somebody else. The world’s fastest runner was helped to stand, and walk at a point in time.

We all need each other, and kindness is the way to fulfill that need. I always tell my friends that the universe is big enough to contain us, each person to a planet, because it expands with a size that is bigger than earth every three seconds. Then I ask them: Why would God jampack us only on earth? After asking, I immediately answer with this: God created us for relationships, and for us to help each other. Be a helper and a giver. It is part of why we are here. Do no relent in giving your time, money, resources, love, and your presence to those who need them, that is one of the reasons why you were born!!

I saw a quote sometime ago, it said: “You have not really lived, until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.” I totally agree with it.


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