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It was a beautiful friday morning, the blazing yellow rays of d sun resting on my ebony skin as I walked to the lecture theatre. I had a class for 8am, and that was the only class for that day. It was a course titled “Guidance and Counselling”.

After walking a few minutes, I finally got to the lecture theatre, which was almost filled with my coursemates. I quickly located a seat, and sank into it, bringing out my note and my pen from my bag, and trying to relax. As all these were going on, our lecturer walked in, and everyone adjusted themselves. He greeted “Goodmorning students”, and the about 200 students in that hall replied, “Goodmorning sir”.

He continued by asking how the soon to be concluded week had been, and we all answered, (yeah you guessed right), “Fine sir”. He proceeded by introducing the topic for the day to us, it was VOCATIONAL GUIDANCE. Then he went further to define what a vocation is, and he started with these words, “A vocation is a career or calling. It is derived from the Latin word ‘vocare’ which means ‘to call’.” As soon as I heard the last two words of the last sentence, I began thinking, and my thoughts were in question forms. They were:

1. Who does the calling?
2. Where are we called to?
3. Why are we called?
4. How can I get to where I am called to?

I want you to ponder on these questions later, but I’ll to share my thoughts with you. We all feel the need to achieve something, something unique that will make our lives and names respected in the society. This need arises because of “the call”. We have all been called by God to meet a unique need in this world, and the very fact that we are still alive means that we have not completed our journey to “the call” (although, this does not suggest that all dead people actually started the journey to this call or completed it). Each individual, rich or poor, tall or short, physically challenged or not, have a unique purpose and destination- this is why we are here. We can only get to that destination by engaging in activities that “the call” attracts. How can we know what the call attracts? Purpose determines design, hence, activities that are in line with your talents, are activities that “the call” attracts. Discover, Develop, and Display your talents for the benefit of the society, and you are on your journey to “the call”. Keep doing this, and you will get there.

Please note that when I say “the call” I am talking to you, a unique individual. “The call” for you, is different from “the call” for me.

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2 thoughts on “THE CALL

    daniel said:
    March 14, 2014 at 7:19 pm

    I love this because its really inspiring

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