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I got this message from a friend, and would like to share with you.

How is it that the planets are so perfectly arranged that each has its own path to follow around the sun? A path it can and will never leave. How is it that man has been provided with the plants as food,and the sun,water and gases which makes it grow and survive? How is it that the sun even when concealed gives us it’s light through the moon? How is it that man has such an intelligence that enables him create so many cultures,as well as so many ways to manipulate the things around him for his benefit,while animals have so few ways to do the same? How is it that the earth is so arranged that plants give the life giving oxygen while taking away the unneeded carbondioxide? How is that there are so many animals and plant life,each working together in perfect harmony to ensure the earth is still a beautiful place? How is it that the animals though with a lesser intelligence have the perfect devices to survive and thrive? How is it that man and other organisms are made in such a way that all cells,organs,tissues and muscles work together for their physical well being? The big bang theory and evolution? No,this are but lies that the devils has created through science to hide the truth from men and lead them to atheism. Thanks to God I know better. Science should not make us doubt God’s existence, but provide us with proof that our God exists and He is perfect and organized. It is the duty of God to create and man to discover. God is through with creation, but it will take the whole of mankind the all of time to discover all of God’s creation. So take a stand and refute all lies that have been sugarcoated and presented by the devil, and help the unsaved see the truth.

God exists!!! Thoughts on this post? Feel free to comment. Like and share too!!!


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