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Yesterday’s post was about our lives being programmed by God for enjoyment. And I remember saying that its now in our hands to make sure the joyful program is carried out. The ball is now in our court whether to accept this great life or live our lives out of our own freewill.

I once heard the story of a man and his family who were travelling by ship to a very distant town. The man had struggled to pay for the ticket for him and his family, thus he had no more money with him for other expenses. He carried some biscuits that he and his family would be eating throughout their journey because he did not have any money to buy food from the canteen in the ship. So, day by day when people go to eat in the canteen, this man would take his family to a corner in the ship, and they would be cracking their biscuits in their mouths, stressing their veins and muscles. A few days to the end of the journey, another man walking around during eating time, saw this family still eating the last of their buscuits, and out of curiousity asked why they were eating biscuits when there is enough food in the canteen. Then the man replied “We have no money to buy food.” The other man looked with surprise and said to him “You do not need to buy food, you have paid for the food when you bought the ticket for this journey!!!”

This story shows how many of us live our lives, we live, neglecting what we already have, thinking we are not qualified to have them. This man was ignorant of what he was entitled to, but that is how some of us are. We think we are being free when we refuse to accept our original nature given us by God, and choose to be what we want for ourselves. Not knowing that we never function effectively in life out of our own freewill, except of the will of our manufacturer- God, and then make His will ours.

God has predetermined our lives for joy, but we are not free to do our wills- to accept or not.

Thoughts on this post? Feel free to share your comments.


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