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I thought it all began when I was born
I later found that to be false
Then I said “it definitely started when I was conceived”
Those words were not correct too!!
Maybe it all started as a thought in my parents’ minds
Well, that’s not correct either

After much thinking and brainstorming
I now have it all figured out
At least, part of everything about me
All my life has been preplanned
Even up to every second of my days
They have been arranged, even before my birth
I existed before I came on earth
Not as anything, but as a thought in God’s mind
He carefully wrote the program of my life down
Then He made me, and inserted my life into me
All my days have been figured out by God
I need not worry about anything
He’s planned riches, honour, wisdom, splendour
Greatness, glory, dominion, peace, and prosperity
For all my days and years
I was programmed to enjoy in life
Its now in my hands to enjoy all these
I only need to believe in, and accept God!!!
Life really is good!!!


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