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There are a few people who have left their marks in life. The wind has blown and is still blowing, the sun has shone and is the shining, the waters have flown and is still flowing, but their footprints in the sands of time have not been erased (and I do not think they will be). These people obeyed one law: The law of legacy. This law has taken some men from being mere men to kingship, it has made ordinary men trailblazers, it has made men foundations and anchors for the development of generations to come. This law is powerful, only in its application.

People today, pursue money, fame, attention, and power, leaving behind the needs and problems in our society that they were created to meet and solve. Neglecting the original intent of God for them as regards their personal, family, and societal lives. A man once said, “when a man begins to pursue money, he runs far away from greatness.” I put it this way, that when a man begins to seek goals that have no positive effect on the people around him, he runs far away from greatness and stardom.

“……..carve your name on hearts, not on marble.” were the last words of a quote by Charles Spurgeon. Let every of our actions have postive impact on people other than ourselves. Make it a duty to help others achieve their goals, for in that help lies our own help. I always tell people, if God never wanted us to help each other, he would not have jampacked us on earth alone. The universe is big enough to accommodate each person to a planet!!! But we were put here (earth) for each other.

The only way we live forever is when we live in the hearts of people we have helped, whether directly or indirectly.

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