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“Fear is the pain arising from the anticipation of evil.” – Aristotle

I do not know how else to place fear in its real perspective other than this. Fear is nothing but our own selves inflicting pain on us because it perceives that evil lurks around us, whether in or with an object/person or not. We feel somethings (or people) carry evil with them, hence we begin to be afraid of such things (or people), or at other times, we just begin to expect evil for no reason at all. This is why all pessimists are really full of fear. Either way, we choose to be afraid or not!!

Fear is usually accompanied by the desire to flee. Fear makes you run and never come back (that is, when faced with an actual challenge), but it is wisdom to fight- with faith!!

Fear can come in too ways:

1. Fear of Success: Some People do no want to be successful because they believe that if they become successful, the success may become a burden or threat to their present idiosyncrasies, hence, they want to remain where they are, at the expense of progress. What a fear!!!

2. Fead of failure: This fear also makes one relent in wanting to achieve anything. It clouds our perception of the real meaning of failure-which is just a teacher that shows you that what you just did is not the way to where you want to get to. It was Henry Ford who said “The greatest mistake anyone can make is to be afraid of making one.”

FEAR NOT FOR I AM WITH YOU……… is what God said to us.

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